Jewel Tones Collection

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Every holiday spent with friends and family is like a precious gem. Brighten up your Christmas season with the Jewel Tones Collection that pays homage to the colorful themes and jewels that are sure to catch a few eyes.

Jewel Tone Christmas Ornaments

The best part about jewel-tone holiday ornaments is that they present themselves with a luster that’s timeless on any tree. Our hand-picked ornaments come in a variety of sizes and patterns from discs to spheres, glitter and matte, and more. Save money ornament shopping by purchasing our prepackaged sets in an assortment of hues, or go a la carte and buy the unique mix of textures and colors that integrate seamlessly with your decorating plans. For extra safety for the little decorators in the house, our shatterproof ornaments allow even the smallest to participate in beautifying a tree.

Jewel Tone Christmas Flowers

Unique jewel-tone holiday flowers will bring a delicate and refined touch of nature to any display. Gemlike poinsettias with magnetic stems, coming in an assortment of colorful options, feature deep, styled leaves and glittering centers. Pair the lighter hues with whiter centers for that immaculate, snow-touched Christmas look, or match the classic red and green for a familiar holiday feel.

Jewel Tone Christmas Ribbons

Decorator’s Warehouse offers customers jewel-tone holiday ribbons that are sure to be worthy of wrapping around any present, through any banister, and around any wreath! We deliver all of the colors of the rainbow and more in solid glittering linen, metallic velvet, crisp dupioni, champagne-dotted mesh, metallic sequins, and striped lame. These jewel-themed Christmas ribbons with wired edges are great for making loops and custom bows that hold their place.

Jewel Tone Christmas Sprays

Jewel-tone holiday sprays come in a variety of colors to add both vibrancy and class to your tree, garland, vertical vase displays, and more. Our jewel sprays can be found in many different lengths to balance out the space where they’re used, and each wisp or cluster of glimmering berries and shimmering sequins is sure to make your holiday display one of a kind.

Jewel Tone Christmas Accessories

From bedazzled Santas to elegant light-up acrylic trees, jewel-tone holiday accessories make a statement wherever they’re used. We offer a variety of velvet-coated Clauses in different sizes with separate trees glowing with golden light to match. Our wintery and alluring jewel-themed Christmas trees create the perfect environment with a soothing touch as it slowly cycles through the spectrum of colors. Remember the reason for the season with our Holy Family nativity statue glimmering with champagne tones that exudes a high-end feel.

Get Everything You Need with a Christmas Tree Bundle!

If you’re looking for everything you’ll need for your jewel-themed Christmas this year, then take a look at our matching tree bundle here. It has all of the gemlike ornaments, flowers, sprays, ribbons, and more for your radiant display. Want some additional help mining the perfect gems this season? Enlist the help of the holiday decorating professionals at Decorator’s Warehouse! We’re always standing by to help customers pick out the perfect items, sets, and tree bundles and are just a phone call or email away.