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Ever-regal in its stunning red, the cardinal has been to many people one of the most iconic Christmas season symbols. Red and white Christmas decorations and cardinal ornaments help you capture this atmosphere for your own home with quality items found only at Decorator’s Warehouse.


Cardinal Christmas Decorations

The cardinal bird represents, historically, hope and good fortune. Since lasting vitality had been essential for surviving the cold weather since time immemorial, cardinals have come to be synonymous with life within barren landscapes. Since the creation of Christmas tree decorations, the red and white ornaments have been used to represent the cardinal that could often be found perched in evergreen trees all throughout Eurasia and beyond.

Skilled artisans have made use of their talents to hand-craft cardinal Christmas decorations for those who could afford them. Individuals with free time on their hands would spend evenings whittling away at little wooden cardinals to ornament their Christmas trees and keep with the traditions of their heritage.

The cardinal bird has come to be adopted by all peoples looking to add a festive feel combined with an emotional meaning. Typically, these are people who value the inherent beauty of nature, while cardinal decorations bring that appreciation indoors. This magical, mysterious winter bird has captured the imaginations of poets, songwriters, and craftsmen for centuries. Take a look at our cardinal Christmas ornaments and theming items to see why!

Cardinal Christmas Tree

Be sure to check out our Snowberry Christmas Tree Decor Kit for a themed tree to complete your cardinal Christmas look in just one click!

Cardinal Themed Christmas Collection

Decorator’s Warehouse has only the finest Christmas cardinal ornaments for your home and tree. Every nook and corner is a possible spot for this little red bird to make its nest. From cardinal Christmas ribbons on holiday wreaths to cardinal ornaments for the tree itself, Christmas cardinal models, both realistic and in caricature, are selected for their quality and ability to deliver the message you’re trying to convey with your holiday displays. From cardinal towels to portraits and more, maximize your holiday potential and embrace your inner artist!

For a more abstract theme, you can utilize red and white decorations to symbolize cardinals throughout your home. When paired with a few actual cardinals, these ribbons, garlands, and more can lure the eye for an idyllic room flow that is sure to pay proper homage to even the most humble little bird.

Having a difficult time deciding what overall look might work best for your needs? Check out our Christmas bundles to see what red and white accents would fare best for the holiday you’re looking to create for you and your own. We’re always ready to help you create the cardinal Christmas space worthy of a magazine cover yet functional for everyday use. Reach out to the pros at Decorator’s Warehouse to get your holiday dreams off the ground and flying!