Gingerbread Collection

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Few things evoke memories of the holidays like the smells and flavors of homemade gingerbread treats. However, there are multiple ways these Christmas goodies can be incorporated into your home decor — beyond simply waiting on a tray to be snacked on by friends and family! Take a look at some of our favorite gingerbread decorations in this collection (as well as candy-themed decorations) and discover a new source of inspiration for your holiday decor!

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Peppermint Christmas Decorations

Frosted lollipop sprays hypnotize you with their swirl, inviting you in for a taste. Velveteen candy sprays, a mix of cinnamon and sugar, can be used to add a bit of flair to any space, while glittered marshmallows atop peppermint sprigs wait to be plucked off by hungry fingertips.

Peppermint candy ornaments hang about the trees and wreaths in various shapes and sizes able to satisfy even the most ravenous of sweet tooths.

Peppermint ribbons come in solid or patterned assortments and are ideal for not only wrapping presents but also decorating entrances, putting some color onto a Christmas tree or wreath, weaving through a banister, and more. Red and white ribbons that come in gloss and glitter evoke the sensation of freshly-made peppermint candies.

Poinsettias and elderberries round out the peppermint collection, carried by the generous “wings” of North Pole penguins. It’s no wonder that these flightless birds would stop to pick a few. These flowers look so tasty you’ll not be able to resist walking past without thinking about taking a nibble from a leaf!

Peppermint and Gingerbread Themed Christmas Tree

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Gingerbread Christmas Decorations

Frosted gingerbread cookie sprays look like they’re ready to snap off in your mouth with an explosion of gingerbread goodness. Gingerbread sprays balance well with peppermint sprays, often serving as a backdrop to the perfect holiday confectionary displays.

Little gingerbread men ornaments and gingerbread women ornaments, freshly dressed in their best icing, are prepared to dance through the greenery of any Christams tree they find themselves hanging from. Gingerbread bottle cap ornaments provide a rustic charm while showing just what artistry can fit in so modest a space.

Gingerbread cake sets stand ready to help create the perfect Christmas display, and their varieties of colors and sizes allow you to indulge your imaginative side. Small and large gingerbread figurines can help round out the “town,” but make sure that nobody tries to take a nibble when you’re not looking!

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