Nutcracker Collection

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Looking for the perfect nutcracker-themed ornaments or ribbons to finalize your Christmas display? Or are you perhaps searching for the best little soldier to chomp free those roasted chestnuts from their shelly redoubts? No matter your needs, the troops are ready to be deployed to your holiday hearth this season, enlisted by only the finest crafters at Decorator’s Warehouse!

Nutcracker Christmas Ornaments

Both glitter and matte ornament options are available for your Christmas tree this season, each with unique materials and textures. Shiny surfaces stand out easily from your evergreen, and coats of sparkling glitter in a net-like pattern only adds to the flamboyance. Smile at your own reflection or marvel at how a simple sphere can elevate a tree all on its own. Utilize our velvet nutcracker tree skirt to complete the theme at the base of your tree and highlight the perfect area for Santa’s presents.

Nutcracker Christmas Ribbons

Bendable lace and velvet-edge metallic ribbons are perfect for draping, wrapping, styling, and more! With nutcrackers present front-and-center or their symbolism scattered throughout the fringes, it’s easy to see why these nutcracker holiday ribbons have become a staple for decorating the winter season. Perfect for railings, trees, tables, wrapping a present, and whatever else the holiday vista needs.

Nutcracker Christmas Figures

Resin rocking horses and nutcracker figurines bearing royal jewels, these timeless Christmas decorations come in many colors, shapes, and sizes for any holiday display. Golden nutcracker figures are perfect for platinum Christmas collections, and small resin rocking horses accent already existing nutcracker collections by providing them sturdy mounts to ride into the snowy sunset.

Nutcracker Christmas Flowers and Sprays

Blue, red, black, and white poinsettias of varying shapes and sizes accent the standard uniforms of the noble nutcracker with ease, making them the perfect nutcracker-themed flowers for your tree. Equally colored nutcracker-themed sprays, with dustings of white and gold glitter, are ready to direct the march of these little wooden hussars to the nearest bowl of nuts.

Christmas Nutcrackers

Atop both gilded and simple bases, these soldiers stand tall and ready for duty. In their marvelous regalia, each nutcracker bears the legacy of his toothy brethren of Christmases since past with pride. With the flip of a lever and a ‘snap,’ a nutty treat is freed from its stubborn holdout. The family rejoices as the triumphant holiday soldier clacks with success, ready to fight against the shelled menace once more at the beat of the snare.

Looking for the best pairings to go with your nutcracker-themed collection? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the five-star staff at Decorator’s Warehouse for the latest and greatest holiday decorating tips and tricks. We’re always available to help you out via phone or email.