Farmhouse Christmas Collection

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Looking for something with a bit of rural flair? Customize your farmhouse Christmas with the assortment of holiday decor provided by Decorator’s Warehouse! With our hand-curated collection of farmhouse Christmas decorations, we’re geared up to fill any silo, rural or urban, with holiday cheer!

Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Reminiscent of hand-made charm, our farmhouse-style Christmas ornaments available for your tree are sure to please. Natural jute perfectly accents your evergreen with earth tones, and the holiday symbolism on each ornament can be themed accordingly with the rest of your room and home.

Farmhouse Christmas Sprays

Garland and sprays are staples of adding a bit of natural flair to your farmhouse Christmas display, so be sure to peruse our assortment. With conventional colors and rural-like accents, these sprays are ideal for celebrating the simple things in life.

Farmhouse Christmas Ribbon

A Christmas ribbon is perfect for giving an accent to your tree, wreath, or even furniture. White and red ribbons symbolize the winter season and the vitality of the family. Traditional patterns are tried and true for those looking for a touch of familiarity while still expressing their creative side.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Be sure to check out our Winter Woodland Christmas Tree Decor Kit for a rustic themed tree in just one click!

Farmhouse Christmas Bells

Christmas bells that have a tad of a well-worn legacy are reminiscent of days gone by, with even better ones yet to come. From proud little jinglers to bells large enough for even the biggest reindeer, our farmhouse Christmas tin bells are perfect as gifts and functional ornaments to give a “ho-ho-ho” to anything they’re placed on. Get creative and add them to interactive items in the home to get the whole family excited for Santa’s arrival!

Farmhouse Christmas Hangers

From sleighs to holiday angels, stars to stockings, Decorator’s Warehouse has the hookup when it comes to your holiday hangers. Farmhouse Christmas hangers are typically made using natural and natural-themed materials to elicit a “fresh from the field” feeling that rivals even the fanciest hangers. From religious to universal banners, give your hearth, walls, and stairs the holiday touch they need to create the perfect flow!

Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths have a lovely skill; they’re able to broadcast to the world that your home is a gateway to holiday warmth. Farmhouse wreaths come with pinecones, twigs, and berries so as to give an atmosphere of natural decoration that’s refreshing in its aesthetic no matter the weather. A larger wreath is best for entrances, fences, and foyer statement pieces, while smaller wreaths are great at accenting an area.

Farmhouse Christmas Figurines

Sleighs, stars, Santas, reindeers, and more are ready to make the perfect rural-themed Christmas display for you and yours. Invite your family to help set up; there are even plush animals like bears and snowmen that are perfect for cuddling up with near a cozy fire.

Interested in setting up a farmhouse Christmas this year? The Christmas decoration masters at Decorator’s Warehouse are at the ready for your perfect down-home holiday!