White Christmas Collection

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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Then wake up to the white Christmas collection curated by none other than the holiday decoration experts at Decorator’s Warehouse! Both individual items to white Christmas tree bundles, accenting, and pairing is easy with white because it encompasses all colors on the color spectrum.

White Christmas Ornaments

White orbs and snowflakes, each perfectly creamy, make for little beacons for the eyes when paired with your evergreen or all-white tree. White Christmas ornaments can be used to create a snow-touched expression or otherwise keep your white-out theme on point.

White Christmas Sprays

Christmas sprays are the perfect way to add a bit of flair that juts out from where it’s displayed. Silver and white decoration options are available reminiscent of items freshly picked from outside in the snow. Birches and berries and garlands galore; the only limit is finding places to put them all!

White Christmas Figurines

White nativity scenes evoke the spirit of the season, especially when paired with white angel figurines draped in regal-ivory robes. Both 2-D and 3-D scenery is available to cater to the depth you’re looking to create. White jewel gift boxes make for the ideal reusable medium of gift exchange while keeping with your white Christmas theme.

Of course, a Santa with white robes is the perfect star of the show for those looking for a secular option. There are also adorable moose, deer, birds, and more for those looking for white animal figurines.

White Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are often the centerpieces of most rooms during the holiday season, and a white tree is not only modern but elegant. White Christmas trees keep the space looking fresh and clean while also serving as the perfect backdrop for colorful or white Christmas ornaments that are sure to appeal to your inner artist. Just like a white canvas is ready for any painter to make their mark, so too is a white Christmas tree ready to receive your family’s personal touches!

White Christmas Candles

White candles naturally accent the flames that dance on top of them. From functional candles to purely display pieces, Christmas candles have been a staple for centuries for setting the holiday mood. White candles come in simple cylindrical shapes to complex, silver-tinted designs that can elevate any space.

White Christmas Hangars

White Christmas stockings make for the perfect contrast to colorfully wrapped presents that are sure to excite any recipient. Snowflakes, snowmen, white wreaths, and more that just shout “holidays;” is there any wonder as to why a white Christmas brings about such nostalgic feelings?

Looking to give a touch of the Northern Lights in your home? Be sure to take advantage of our expert decorating consultation services and start preparing for a truly white Christmas!