Santa's Sweet Shoppe Collection

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Candy and gingerbread lovers, rejoice! Decorator’s Warehouse has put together the most tempting, tastiest assortment of holiday decorations possible with our Santa’s Sweet Shoppe collection!

Be sure to check out our Santa's Sweet Shoppe Christmas Tree Decor Kit!

Tasty Christmas Ornaments

Gingerbread metal ornaments feature an assortment of gingerbread women and men in various poses, smiling at the thought of being hung about the tree. Donut Christmas ornaments of all flavors and colors promise a bountiful holiday season, each sprinkle representing a wish and a dream. Rustic peppermint metal ball ornaments appear as if made of chocolate, lined with the pleasant view of snowflakes and peppermint swirls.

Delicious Christmas Figurines

Pastel wooden nutcrackers stand fast, ready to hold back the tide of elves who’d nibble at your decorations without permission. Peppermint snow globes, filled to the brim with clear syrup and powdered sugar, send scrumptious flurries across a gumball wonderland for all to gaze with watering mouths. Cookie snowmen, Santas, and more are great atop a holiday table runner or perched around a bookshelf.

Scrumptious Christmas Sprays

Gingerbread Christmas sprays, men, women, and fanciful shapes alike, all reach proudly out with the sense of “eat me first!” Marshmallow sprays channel one’s sweet tooth with fluffy goodness perched atop sticks of peppermint. Lollipop holiday sprays, be they cake, candy, or swirl, either glisten with sugary goodness or remain temptingly simple with a matte look.

Sweet Christmas Ribbons

Cotton candy wired ribbons make for the perfect accents to any sweet gift, and gingerbread ribbons hint at the promise of home-baked goodies that none can resist. Peppermint holiday ribbons come in varying styles, either a classic red and white stripe or with small figures sprinkled throughout.

Sugary Christmas Flowers

Cotton candy Christmas poinsettias are ready to grace the tips of your wreaths and table runners with pink and blue sweetness while felt frosted flowers look as if freshly piped for the sake of your tree. Sugared flowers sparkle with the light of the holiday, guaranteeing a satisfying ‘snap’ to those who’d sink their teeth into them!