Our Christmas Collections

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Themed Christmas decor can take your home's decorations to the next level. Our in-house designers have hand-curated several collections revolving around themes that range from classic to whimsical to rustic. Explore our themed Christmas decorations below, and choose the theme that best matches your style. Each collection includes Christmas ornaments, Christmas ribbon, Christmas sprays, and more to match the chosen theme. Be sure to also check out our themed Christmas tree bundles, or as we like to call it, the "easy" button for your themed Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Ornament Selections

Think of your Christmas tree as a blank canvas for you to express yourself and your family. You can turn your holiday gathering space into a work of art using our themed christmas decor, incudling a variety of ornament styles ranging in color, shape, theme, and even materials!

Country-themed Christmas ornaments give off an aura of “old school” while still keeping relevant to the changing nature of the season. Hand-made pieces have something special about them that just whispers “comfy” with the green backdrop.

Embrace a boho Christmas with whimsical Santa Claus ornaments of all shapes and sizes, from realistic to caricature, all of which look great when paired with some Christmas sprays.

For those looking for themed christmas decor, an all-white tree with contrasting glass or painted ornaments will make a statement that’s sure to impress! Go with all-white lights on a silver-metallic tree with some golden ornaments to create light refraction that will open up a tapestry of possibilities.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Whether you’re going for the “real-tree” feel or something futuristic, using ornaments, ribbons, sprays, and more will give your tree that little extra “pop!”

It’s best to add the lights first before adding the Christmas ornaments. Usually, people will put the garland on after the lights because then they can see how the Christmas Garlands accents the lighting and vice-versa.

Large Christmas ornaments that are also heavy command attention and are best used as statement pieces. Those looking for balance on their trees would do best to have these ornaments spread out. Shatterproof ornaments are perfect for rambunctious kids or pets who like to play under and around the tree. Simple Christmas decorations, like Christmas balls, can rest in the middle of each area to help fill in gaps. A gorgeous Christmas tree topper caps off the look as the pinnacle of Christmas ornaments; our quality Christmas tree toppers are ready to last generations.

If your house is ready to transform into a vibrant, colorful space full of holiday energy, don’t neglect the importance of Christmas ornaments and look through Decorator's Warehouse for all of our ornaments and other themed christmas decor. When the holiday ends, you’ll be able to reflect on all of the happy memories made while hanging your decorations with friends and family to tide you over until next year!