North Pole Party Collection

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This holiday season, invite all of your family and friends to your home for a North Pole Party! This collection of festive red and green Christmas decorations was curated over time to shout “spirit!”

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North Pole Christmas Ribbons

Looking for some of the most versatile decoration items for your home? Red and green Christmas Ribbons are perfect for not merely wrapping presents but also anything else with North Pole cheer! Select from matte red ribbons with holiday slogans and glossy green ribbons set to adorn any banister or walkway. Our snow-trimmed red ribbons bring a little bit of the winter season into the home, and the crimson-plaid poinsettias are ideal accessories as makeshift “bows.”

Be sure to check out our North Pole Party Christmas Tree Decor Kit!

North Pole Christmas Sprays

Red and green Christmas sprays are perfect for drawing eyes to your tree, wreath, or anywhere else you use them! Holly leaf berry sprays emphasize the natural beauty of the season, while curly-crimson willows and tinsel swirl sprays add a bit more glitz. Sparkling red sprays of sequins and glitter balls provide contrasting colors for your evergreen tree.

North Pole Christmas Ornaments

Accenting your Christmas tree with red and green ornaments is a classic example of holiday decorating, but how about upping the ante with some of your favorite North Pole friends? Santa Claus ornaments remind any wayward elves not to get too naughty, and the reindeer stretch their legs as they bound from branch to branch. Snowmen ornaments smile politely, happy to be in your warm home despite their snowy origins; they’re joined by a few penguin ornaments who’re looking to escape winter’s chill for a bit...and maybe pick up a few cookies too!

North Pole Christmas Decorations

Red and green Christmas decorations, simple or elaborate, are perfect for placing all around the home rather than just in one place around the tree. Red and white Christmas blocks remind the whole family about what matters most this holiday season, and standing snowmen art is ready to greet anyone fortunate enough to find themselves at your doorstep. Striped Christmas stockings are ready to be filled with toys and treats, while self-lighting Santa lanterns show the story of how they’re made. Red and green reindeer are set to guard the cookies against too many nibbling elves or family members, and their red antlers dot the tree as beacons of fun.

If you’re looking for the full North Pole Party experience this year, then be sure to look at this collection’s matching tree bundle! Elves and reindeer alike will be toasting you under the tree in no time with just a single click. Perfect your Christmas Party theme with the help of the holiday pros at Decorator’s Warehouse!