Christmas Wreaths

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Turn your home into an inviting and warm place for family gatherings with the addition of a fresh Christmas wreath to your entryway of choice. Your holiday transforms with the health of elegant green branches and sprigs of snow-flecked holly. Decorative Christmas bows and a spray or two of Christmas frost accent allows you to customize an evergreen wreath to your own tastes.

Christmas Wreath Sizes

Decorator's Warehouse has a wide selection of Christmas wreaths of varying sizes and styles, including cotton and pine cones, twigs and berries, magnolia and leaves, and more. However, it's important to consider the color combinations along with the diameter of the wreath and how they will affect the space you're looking to decorate. Be sure to measure it in advance so that you aren't surprised by what your wreath will actually look like when you hang it up.

A smaller Christmas wreath will make ideal decorations around windows, mirrors, and mantle pieces indoors. It's not unheard of to attach a Christmas wreath to somewhere secure on a car in order to spread a little bit of holiday cheer on the road!

Larger Christmas wreaths are best suited for outdoor fences, walls, and doorways. They can also be used for spacious foyers and entryways that are used as transitions between the outdoors and cozy living spaces. Bay windows can also be decorated with Christmas wreaths to reflect a touch of color both inside and out with the proper natural light.

The best colors for a Christmas wreath are usually those that will contrast well with the background. A wreath that is solid white might not stand out very well against a white or off-white doorway or fence; wreaths are at their best when they're able to be noticed from a distance as if a beacon of holiday spirit.

Decorating a Christmas Wreath

Decorator's Warehouse Christmas wreaths come in both modest and extravagant styles. There are also wide varieties of holiday ribbons and Christmas sprays to select from for those who are creative at heart and looking to put a touch of their own artistry on display.

  • Simply Green or Bold and Beautiful
  • Select a wreath that suits your desired level of leaf and greenery, or change it up with a bit of evergreen, fir, or pine. Extra finery such as pine cones, flowers, glitter, ornaments, and more are ideal for making for a truly unique slice of Christmas.

  • Luxurious Ribbons and Sprays
  • Keep your family in the holiday spirit by involving them in the decoration of your Christmas wreath. Wired ribbons help keep the themes fresh and stable on your wreath of choice, and the Christmas sprays can be used to match the themes of your tree bundles.

Season-Long Holiday Goodness

A Christmas wreath has been a tried-and-true symbol of harmony, family, and solidarity during the holiday season. Much like a ring itself, a wreath represents the continuation of both old and new pathways of exploration and advancement while never losing sight of what came before. This season, utilize Christmas wreaths to their full potential to make this year's holiday unlike any other before!