Santa's Sweet Shoppe Picks and Sprays

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Cake pops, donuts, marshmallows, and more await those who want to highlight the sweetest things this holiday season. Decorator’s Warehouse has spared no expense in catering the finest delicacies for customers to enjoy with family and friends! The only question is: what do you want to try first?

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Sweet, Candy-Themed Christmas Tree Sprays

Marshmallow candy sprays have little white treats perched ready for roasting during a chilly night, and velvet-corkscrew candy pop toppers make blue and pink sprays mouth-watering. Our donut Christmas tree sprays look soft enough to be right out of the oven while silver dollar sprays look ready to be peeled to reveal chocolate rewards within. Powdered sugar sprays of white and pink come in curls, mica glitter, balls, and grassy stalks that mimic a light snowfall. Make a crabapple pie with our frozen and caramelized silver sprays, or opt for a dewberry variety for something more tart. No matter the size of your hunger, our baking-themed Christmas sprays come in a variety of lengths that are sure to satisfy any decorator’s appetite.

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Interested in a bit of help from our resident elves? Give our “bakery” a call or send us an email to inquire about any product or to get some aid in concocting your ideal holiday celebration!