Gingerbread Christmas Accents

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Gingerbread holiday accents make for mouthwatering decorations wherever they’re used. If you’re looking to stimulate a guest’s sweet tooth this season, then you’ve found the right assortment of gingerbread and peppermint Christmas decorations!

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Gingerbread Christmas Accents

Resin gingerbread figures come in familiar shapes and sport classic frosting flair. Adorned with peppermints and ribbons, these traditional cookies can accent an existing display or set a scene all on their own with the help of resin gingerbread houses. Each is decorated differently with a unique amount of colorful candies, frosting “snow,” and peppermint swirls. Wooden gingerbread blocks and signage helps to further elevate the sweet atmosphere of the end of the year, seeing family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company and share in savory sweets. Who knows? Maybe you’ll host a gingerbread house competition this year; customers love our gingerbread accents as gifts or prizes!

If you’re looking to find all of your gingerbread holiday goodness in one place while it’s still fresh and hot, then take a peek at our Gingerbread Christmas Collection. You’re sure to find the best baking-themed holiday decor for your home. Our peppermint and gingerbread accents pair especially well with other sweets-themed and even rustic Christmas displays.

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