Santa's Sweet Shoppe Ornaments

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Santa’s Sweet Shoppe is famous for its delectable holiday decorations, but perhaps its most popular offering is the bakery’s wide selection of Christmas ornaments!!

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Tasty and Sweet Christmas Tree Ornaments

Feast your eyes on our assortment of baking-themed Ornaments that have been carefully curated by our experienced staff of culinary Christmas decorators! These diverse colors and flavors are sure to satisfy the full range of tastes of all of your friends and family. Take a look at what’s possible to sample and learn more about our various “ingredients” for your tree.

Frosting-white shatterproof ornaments, available in blue, pink, and green, come in singles and packs of fresh-baked multiples. Make your own baker’s dozen with our variety of donut Christmas ornaments coated with sprinkles and glaze. Celebrate a birthday during the winter season with our golden cupcake ornaments, available in singles or in sets with varying combinations of frosting and toppings. Prove that it’s not too cold outside to enjoy a chilly treat with a few popsicle ornaments coated in gooey fudge.

Can you smell what’s coming from the oven? It’s our assortment of cookie-themed ornaments in various shapes and sizes for all! From beautiful snowflakes to familiar holiday characters, our assortment of baked goods is sure to make even the skinniest tree fat with fun. Green sprinkle candy canes and lollipop ornaments round out the scrumptious collection, making sure to leave some lingering memories of the flavorful holiday long into the next year.

Don’t want to have your baked goods get cold while you try to find everything you need? Take a look at our Santa's Sweet Shoppe Christmas Collection and tree bundles and take the whole cake!

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