Gingerbread Christmas Tree Picks and Sprays

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Reaching out from your tree, gingerbread Christmas sprays offer a tempting delight. Good thing they’re not edible, or else family and friends would leave the tree barren! This holiday season, zest up your displays with the gingerbread-themed sprays that have been hand-picked by Decorator’s Warehouse.

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Gingerbread Christmas Sprays

Our gingerbread holiday sprays come in lengths ranging from 16” to 39” so that you’ll always be able to balance your tasty treat with the rest of your display. Gingerbread cookie sprays come in all shapes and sizes from snowflake-frosted squares and circles to berry-studded leaves to familiar gingerbread men. Gingerbread spray themes can be found in glitter mica spikes and mini curls; these versatile sprays can fit in well with other red-and-white heavy themes easily.

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