Nutcracker Christmas Tree Picks and Sprays

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Our nutcracker-themed collection of Christmas sprays will have your tree looking sharp in no time! Decorator’s Warehouse has put together an arrangement of colors rivaling the rainbow itself in diversity along with a panoply of shapes and designs to match. With supreme availability, the only limit is your creativity.

Nutcracker Christmas Sprays

Nutcracker Christmas sprays range in size from 12” to 42”, allowing them to pair with just about any size of tree or garland you own. Metallic nutcracker sprays draw the eye towards the rest of your tree while still showing off its own pizzazz. Topped with various natural elements, these colorful sprays feature sweetgum sequins, glitter balls, cedar spheres, emerald swirls, and rhinestone curls. Slender twigs present a fineness that’s hard to beat when used correctly, and broad-stroke sequins present a commanding presence perfect for springing up from thicker branches.

Make use of your favorite vases by selecting your favorite nutcracker-themed sprays for a vertical display. Use a single color to keep with a theme, or implement as many as you’d like to make the atmosphere truly feel like a celebration! Crabapple and pomegranate sprays lead the mind to think about relaxing by the fire and sipping on something tart while the snow falls outside, and glittering gold berries twinkle with the promises of the new year.

For those who don’t want to have the headache of combing the Internet to complete their theme, take heart. The Nutcracker Collection has everything you’ll need for the soldierly Christmas you desire.

Interested in enlisting some extra creativity for your holiday decorating ideas? Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll be more than happy to find just what you’re looking for together!