Nutcracker Christmas Ornaments

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Our nutcracker-inspired Christmas ornaments are ideal for those looking to decorate their evergreen in the tradition of these little wooden troopers! Take a peek at our professionally-curated nutcracker ornament collection and similar items here.

Red Ball Ornaments

Sold individually and in sets, red Christmas ornaments have always been a colorful staple that evokes the visuals of Christmas. Choose from quilted ornaments, teardrop ornaments, diamond-stripped ornaments, and more! Often decorated with an additional pattern of golden or platinum glitter, these holiday ornaments keep in line with nutcrackers featuring the strikingly-red Atilla pattern.

Blue Ball Ornaments

Regal as ever and ready to decorate your tree, blue ornaments are great at adding depth and serenity. Sold in a variety of diameters, you can mix and match your sizing as you make your way up the tree. These shatterproof blue ornaments pay respects to nutcrackers sporting sky-blue Attila jackets and complement them well throughout your display.

Green Ball Ornaments

Quilted, smooth, shatterproof, these green nutcracker ornaments are perfect for those looking to branch out (pun intended) from the louder color sets. Often decorated with glitter, each ornament is dusted with a pollen-like charm. Rich and bold in both depth and color, able to hold its own even in the greenest of threes, these green Christmas ornaments pay homage to nutcrackers wearing the traditional-green Atilla.

Unique Nutcracker Christmas Ornaments

Both in spherical and disc-like forms, our nutcracker Christmas ornaments are perfect for spreading around your tree. Take a look at our popular 15-centimeter glitter disc ornament or our spherical nutcracker ornament sets to balance out the flowers and ribbons already present in your fir.

Everything Nutcracker-Themed You Need in a Collection!

Need help finding the best nutcrackers and nutcracker-themed items for your holiday display? Don’t wait until they’re sold out; take a look at our curated nutcracker collection here. If you want a bit of help selecting the best nutcracker-related items for your Christmas theme, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email so that we can help you out!