Peppermint Tree Picks and Sprays

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Reaching out from your tree, peppermint Christmas sprays are a delightful treat. This holiday season, add some candy-themed sprays picked by the experts of Decorator’s Warehouse.

Red and White Christmas Tree Sprays

Our peppermint holiday sprays come in a wide range of lengths to add to the rest of your displays. A wide assortment of peppermint sprays, ranging from familiar discs to striped-swirl balls to wavy sticks lets you customize the flavors of your tree to suit your own tastes. More abstract peppermint spray themes can be found in glitter mica spikes and mini curls and can go well with other red-and-white heavy themes easily.

What Christmas tree would be complete without a few candy canes hanging around? We offer peppermint candy sprays in a variety of cane styles in patterns that feature either white or red as primary colors.

Searching for other holiday candy treats? Take a look at our peppermint here along with our relevant tree bundles to maximize your time decorating and minimize your headache shopping around.

Need some decorating advice on your perfect theme this holiday? Give us a call or send us an email to speak with one of our home decorating experts today!