Natural Elegance Picks and Sprays

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Leaping from tree branches and wreaths alike, our collection of elegant Christmas sprays is ideal for pulling attention to the rest of your holiday display. With primary colors of silver and gold, you can’t go wrong with all of the available pairings, so feel free to experiment with various arrangements and express your creativity!

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Gold and White Christmas Sprays

The elegant sprays at Decorator’s Warehouse come in a variety of sizes and shapes to pair with any tree. Champagne sprays have the appearance of their namesake; they flow from the foliage with grace and sequins and offer berries to the eye. Roseleaf and heartgold, both ideal for naturally-elegant spray arrangements, sport designs such as leaves, swirls, pine, and lace. Grass-blossom Christmas sprays remind one of the bountiful harvest season while remaining warm and toasty indoors, and beaded crabapples appear frozen in silver-coated time. Stand your elegant holiday sprays in a vase for a vertical display, or pepper them throughout the home to serve as accents. They’re lovely for both small and large arrangements; we’ve carefully selected various sizes and shapes to have the flexibility to pair with your holiday plans.

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