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Natural Elegance



Take the guesswork out of the equation! Purchase one of our complete designer bundles and receive the added benefit of a bundle discount.

Natural Elegance



The natural elegance of platinum and white Christmas decorations incorporates the symbolism of the past with the decorative creativity of the modern era. If you’re mining for the best gold and platinum Christmas tree theme, then you’ve found it with the Natural Elegance Christmas Tree Bundle! Also check out our full line of white, silver, and gold Christmas decorations!

Take the guesswork out of the equation! Purchase one of our complete designer bundles and receive the added benefit of a bundle discount.
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Check out our Holiday Decorating Tutorials to learn the tips and tricks of how to decorate your tree with your new bundle. These bundles are designed with a midsize tree in mind with the bulk of the trim on three quarters of the tree. If you have a full tree or a complete 360 view, our designers recommend increasing quantities by an additional 20%. The bundle includes all decorations that are on the tree itself (tree and skirt not included). Our designers will at times substitute out-of-stock items with similar items that are in stock.

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Magical moments and traditional elegance seamlessly meet in this one-of-a-kind Christmas celebration. Leaves, berries, and oversized ornaments dazzle with soft gold tones, snowflake ribbon, and glistening accents. The Natural Elegance Christmas Tree bundle provides an enchanting and heart-warming Christmas season to remember. 

Kristin Black


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Natural Elegance Christmas Tree Kit

This Christmas tree bundle comes with hand-picked platinum and gold ornaments, decorations, ribbons, garlands, flowers, and more! Silver and gold ornaments come with a woven glitter look that is highly textured, as well as a matte look that is mirror-smooth. There are also snowflake ornaments and crystal ornaments of various shapes and glitter to dance about the branches however you’d please. Top off the whole endeavor with a silver and gold Christmas tree topper that does any tree justice!

sprays of ivory and silver pull the eyes into the main body of the Christmas tree, and the champagne accents are reminiscent of toasts to love and health. Platinum flowers with leaves lined with sparkle, each reflecting a happy memory, rest on your tree with a bloom of glittering berries at the center. These Christmas poinsettias pair perfectly with the silver and gold holiday ribbons included in the tree bundle. Use them for a cushioning effect under the flowers, weave them throughout the branches, tie them into unique shapes and designs, or use them to add that extra sense of “wow” to a gift.

Take the magic of the holiday season into your home with the help of our Christmas tree bundles without all of the hassle or expense of cobbling together a collection that ultimately doesn’t gel together. The silver and gold Christmas theme is highly symbolic; it represents the hope that the future brings with its bounty. Purchasing a pre-bundled Christmas tree from Decorator’s Warehouse is the best way to make sure that your platinum Christmas vision is executed with the least headache for you.

This holiday bundle is brimming with natural elegance sure to elevate the mood of wherever it’s displayed. The sparkle and shine of silver and gold Christmas ornaments never go out of style, and the muted tones are able to support any louder elements of the tree. Our expert decorators have decided on using chocolate brown as the dominant undertone. Not only will this give some added depth, but it will echo other natural Christmas decorations in the space nicely.

The Natural Elegance Christmas Bundle has a matching collection of expertly curated items which can be found here. Take a peek at the natural elegance line of decorations found only at Decorator’s Warehouse and reach out to our excellent staff for more information on how to complete this glamorous Christmas theme throughout your home!