Winter Woodland Ornaments

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Rustic Christmas ornaments combine timeless natural elements with modern aesthetics that make for beautiful decorations for any size of evergreen. Now, thanks to Decorator’s Warehouse, you can integrate the best woodland-inspired ornaments into your holiday displays to evoke the beauty of nature.

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Winter Woodland Christmas Ornaments

Our rustic ornaments come in natural materials such as cedar, glass, birchwood, jute, burlap, and metal. Such a cornucopia of choice allows decorators to play with a panoply of textures and colors that keep every visual angle of any Christmas tree interesting and unique.

Harkening back to the elegant outdoors, our woodland ornaments take their imagery from the creations of Mother Nature. Deer, squirrels, and birds are animals that feature prominently on some ornaments while others present with pinecones, snowflakes, and silver twigs. Our woodland tree decorations can be purchased in singles and groups depending on the availability of each set.

Want something that can endure a bit of jostling? We offer shatterproof ornaments as well as burlap ornaments that can resist even the most inquisitive investigator when nobody else is looking. Large twig nests, glittering among the Christmas lights, are ready to hold either a few cardinal eggs or a little surprise present or two from Santa Claus himself.

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Feel a bit lost in the blizzard of decorating options? Turn those blistering winds into a gentle snowfall of inspiration with a phone call or email to our knowledgeable staff, and start decorating your home with woodland goodness today!