Shatterproof Ornaments

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Browse our selection of shatterproof Christmas Ornaments and enjoy stunningly beautiful classical Christmas Ornaments without the hassle and without worrying about breaking glass. Decorating the Christmas tree with the entire family can be an enjoyable holiday tradition, but the concern of breaking glass around the kids or pets in the house can cause unnecessary stress. Avoid the stress this holiday season and decorate your Christmas tree worry-free with our durable shatterproof Christmas Ornaments. Although made tougher and virtually unbreakable in comparison to their typical glass counterparts, our shatterproof Christmas Ornaments still manage to provide you with the traditional elegance and beauty that is so sought after in regular glass ornaments. Quality shatterproof ornaments like ours are nearly indistinguishable from glass and can be much more affordable, providing the same aesthetic while keeping costs down and eliminating the possibility of broken glass. Christmas Ornaments are an essential aspect of any holiday decorating, not just on the tree hang them from garlands, outdoor trees, wreaths, light fixtures, and anywhere else you need a little extra glittering Christmas spirit!

Decorate fearlessly! Explore unforgettable options in highly durable shatterproof Christmas Ornaments below.

Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our shatterproof Christmas Ornaments can be used in a variety of ways when paired with other Decorator’s Warehouse décor such as garland, bows, and flowers to create a stunning Christmas display that’s unique to you. Our ornaments work together perfectly with our Decorator's Warehouse Christmas Garlands on the mantle in the living room, with any of our Christmas Ribbon in a bowl as a centerpiece on the dining room table, and many other decorating techniques.

With our wide variety of Shatterproof Ornament color options, finishes, and sizes you are sure to find an ornament combination that blends seamlessly with your individual holiday decorating theme/style. Choose from color options that include red, green, silver, and gold as well as different finishes including glitter, patterned, mirrored, and matte finishes to make all your ornament and holiday decorating dreams come true. Depending on the type of decorating you are looking to do and the size of your Christmas Tree, we sell individual shatterproof ornaments in size options of:

  • 14cm
  • 20cm
  • 25cm

In addition to individual ornament size options, we also have assorted ornament sets available in quantities of 3, 4, 6, 12, 30, and 34. Our assorted ornament sets also vary in individual ornament size from 6cm to 10cm to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Have worry-free decorating fun with the whole family this Christmas season when you decorate using our tough, durable, elegant, safe, and simple Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments. Come stop by our store in-person or browse our online catalog of ornaments and other Christmas décor. Happy decorating!