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Winter Woodland



Take the guesswork out of the equation! Purchase one of our complete designer bundles and receive the added benefit of a bundle discount.

Winter Woodland



Customers will love the appeal of this rustic christmas tree decor kit from Decorator's Warehouse. Visit our Winter Woodland Collection to see the full selection of our rustic ornaments, sprays, flowers, accents, and more.

Take the guesswork out of the equation! Purchase one of our complete designer bundles and receive the added benefit of a bundle discount.
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Check out our Holiday Decorating Tutorials to learn the tips and tricks of how to decorate your tree with your new bundle. These bundles are designed with a midsize tree in mind with the bulk of the trim on three quarters of the tree. If you have a full tree or a complete 360 view, our designers recommend increasing quantities by an additional 20%. The bundle includes all decorations that are on the tree itself (tree and skirt not included). Our designers will at times substitute out-of-stock items with similar items that are in stock.

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When creams and browns combine with the natural textures of birch, twigs, and berries, your home transforms into a luxurious Christmas lodge! Soft snowy florals, iced branches and oversized white washed galvanized bells bring in just the right touch of rustic glam to make the comfort of your own home shine bright this holiday season. Woven with warm and welcoming tones, your family will love relaxing by this uniquely earthy, yet magical Christmas theme. 

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Winter Woodland Christmas Tree Kit

Looking for the perfect fusion of rustic decor that incorporates elements of the outdoors and professionally-designed decorations that warm the home? Then look no further than the Winter Woodland Christmas Tree Bundle from Decorator’s Warehouse!

This Christmas tree bundle has been carefully curated by experienced designers based on the themes of rustic beauty, simple colors, and textured ornaments. Recalling the comfort of a glamping lodge during the middle of winter is possible overnight with this unique tree bundle; it’s cozy, familiar, and inviting for friends and family!

Muted earth tones of gray and brown feature prominently with this Christmas tree bundle and are further polished with a bit of glitz and glam. Ribbons of gold and white weave throughout the tree, forming a seemingly unbroken visual roadmap of all the lovely ornamentation. Birch Christmas ribbons round out the look. Tincan bells, sporting their signature ribbed textures, peal pleasantly with merely a jiggle.

Gorgeous poinsettias with translucent leaves bloom to accent the rest of the tree’s natural brown, and the edges of each flower, though seeming intentionally unfinished, possess a carefully-woven sparkle sure to draw in any eye. Snow-white poinsettias of similar design add the “winter” to this winter woodland Christmas scene.

Gold ornaments hang from the branches to symbolize the times of plenty and the promise of a wealthy future of pleasant memories, and the checkered-crimson spheres complement them with an intentional design. The occasional snow-dotted ornament gives the impression that you’ve just purchased it from a local, rustic Christmas market.

Woodland Christmas sprays jut out from wherever you choose; their evergreen tips are antennae for the holiday spirit. Snow-white and glittery Christmas sprays remind any onlookers of freshly-hewn branches fit for wreath making. They’re perfect for balancing the brightness from your light strings, reminiscent of lightning bugs emitting their telltale glow in every scenic woodland.

The Winter Woodland Christmas Bundle has a matching collection of intentionally curated items which can be found here. Check out our full line of rustic Christmas decorations, ornaments, and more to complete the woodland look throughout your home!