Classic Christmas Collection

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Red and gold Christmas decorations have long since been staples in classic Christmas displays across the country and beyond. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re limited to anything less than the most fashionable yet time-tested options. Red and gold display items, provided by none other than the Christmas experts at Decorator’s Warehouse, are symbolic of the spirit of the season and good tidings. Decorate your tree, home, and more with our vast assortment of classic Christmas ornaments, ribbons, sprays, and bundles!

Red and Gold Christmas Ornaments

Red has historically been the symbol of vitality and longevity. It also symbolizes the cardinal bird, known for having the resolute endurance to withstand even the harshest winter storms. Adding red-classic ornaments to your display will evoke feelings of family, warmth, and vibrancy.

Gold has historically been used to represent wealth and prosperity. As one of the most precious metals, gold makes for a luxurious-colored Christmas ornament that evokes feelings of progress. Adding golden-classic ornaments to your Christmas tree and home will show that you mean “business” when it comes to making your holidays something truly special!

Classic Christmas Sprays

Christmas sprays are perfect for adding additional flair to your tree by incorporating some of the most eye-catching reds and golds. Classic sprays can even have plant-based themes like holly, sweet gumballs, berries, and sequins. They can even be used to accent other home furnishings for a tad of natural grace.

Classic Christmas Tree

Be sure to check out our Holiday Sparkle Christmas Tree Decor Kit for a classic Christmas tree in just one click!

Classic Christmas Wreaths

No classic Christmas collection is complete without the addition of a Christmas wreath. From natural fir-green wreaths to solid reds and/or golds, Decorator’s Warehouse has the ideal accent for your home. Though there is something to be said about keeping it simple, adding some sprays in your wreath gives it a little extra “pop” that can tease your inner artist into coming out and decorating the rest of your home with holiday cheer!

Classic Christmas Figurines

From horses to reindeers, Santas to snowmen, adding a few figurines to your holiday display will customize the atmosphere to fit your family’s taste. There are also miniature trees, snowy and evergreen, that are perfect accents for desks, bookshelves, and other spaces that might not be able to host a normal tree.

Classic Christmas Flowers

Christmas flowers are another option for adding a touch of nature to your holiday display. Decorator’s Warehouse has a wide variety of flowers that come in varying dimensions, perfect for any space on a tree, wreath, or anywhere else in need of a bit of classic Christmas vibrancy!

Poinsettias come in glitter and gilt options, and of course, touches of natural-looking gold options are available as well, so convincing that any little bumble would make a “beeline” right to it!

Eager to get your classic Christmas display started? Take a look at our red and gold decorations below, and reach out to us at any time of year to learn more about our classic Christmas bundles!