Natural Elegance Christmas Collection

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White, silver, and gold make up the primary colors found in our Natural Elegance Christmas collection that’s sure to add the ritzy holiday charm you’re looking for! From silver bows to golden sprays, mix and match from our unbeatable assortment of holiday goodness to create the perfect elegant Christmas of your dreams.

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Elegant Christmas Decorations

Gold and silver nutcrackers stand disciplined but are anything but austere with their elegant attire and golden scepters. Geometric golden Christmas ribbons make for the best gift wrapping touches that show your love and care, and velvet ribbons present both a lovely texture along with a seamless pattern that goes on like a dream. Resin reindeer look up at you with excitement, ready to leap into action. Elegant resin Santa Claus figures, draped in robes of gold and silver, come bearing the bounty of Yuletide with each step they take. They pair marvelously with our acrylic light-up trees!

Be sure to check out our Natural Elegance Christmas Tree Decor Kit!

Elegant Christmas Ornaments

Silver snowflake ornaments dot a Christmas tree as if freshly fallen from the sky. Metal glittered Christmas tree toppers come in silver, copper, and white to balance with the gold and platinum theming to pull your entire Christmas tree together. Iceball ornaments and netball ornaments take the concept of “glisten” and elevate it to a whole new level. However, sometimes nothing beats the traditional, glossy champagne ball ornaments; they’re shatterproof for the safety of you and any little ones.

Elegant Christmas Flowers

Metallic sequins bloom wherever you lay them and reflect a dazzling array of light to celebrate the season. Great either on table runners or in trees, these elegant Christmas flowers feature the perfect balance of yellow gold, sculpted silver, and glittery edging. Ice-flecked magnolias are available as well, sculpted by Jack Frost himself, and are charmed to endure even the coziest, warm home.

Elegant Christmas Sprays

White and silver Christmas sprays are ideal for celebrating the good fortune of the season. Glitter-lace fern sprays and golden ball berry sprays make even the most average evergreen dance with pizazz and can be styled so as to contour with any curve. They’re great for adding to a holiday wreath or to scatter throughout your Christmas tree.

Elegant Table Runners

Decorator’s Warehouse has a wide assortment of table runners that are perfect for the foundation of any Christmas theme. The gold and silver lend themselves naturally to any snowy setting, and it’s perfect as a base for displaying your golden nutcrackers, silver snowmen, and even snow-tipped wooden items. Drape them below our embroidered velvet stockings to lure the eyes towards the holiday goodies stuffed inside!

Our Natural Elegance Christmas collection pairs wonderfully with our Natural Elegance Christmas Tree Bundle! Looking to complete the look with a single click? Guests and family will be dazzled by the glistening decor that radiates the spirit of the season with help from the curated, elegant collections found only at Decorator’s Warehouse!