Winter Woodland Ribbon

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Infused with the essence of nature, the Winter Woodland Collection of holiday ribbons at Decorator’s Warehouse has been carefully selected to appeal to those desiring a subtle yet attractive holiday display featuring elements of the great outdoors. Rustic Christmas ribbons combine classic materials with contemporary style that’s sure to elevate any holiday atmosphere.

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Winter Woodland Christmas Ribbons

Our faux fur Christmas ribbons allow you to get creative with a hint of wild flair during your decorating; their soft and fuzzy textures add great contrast. Another natural material option is jute ribbons in herringbone and stripes. They have a different tactile sensation from our linen ribbons and look almost hand-knit. However, some people say nothing beats the feel of wool ribbons in cream and brown, perfect for wrapping around a present or woven throughout your tree.

Want to step up from basic colors? Decorator’s Warehouse offers forest-inspired ribbons with notable woodland icons on them, such as deer, poinsettias, and evergreen bark. Wired ribbons are able to hold their shape better after you’ve formed them around their new home, while non-wired ribbons will drape more naturally.

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