Natural Elegance Flowers

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Grace your trees, tables, and more with these gorgeous poinsettias hand-picked for their style by the holiday decor experts at Decorator’s Warehouse! With a focus on the colors gold and white, the main standouts of each elegant flower are their unique leaf shapes and arrangements along with the patterns and accents they sport. With such a variety, we’re confident that you’ll be able to select the best natural-golden flowers for your holiday display.

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Gold and White Themed Christmas Flowers

All that glitters is gold, and our golden poinsettias embody the notion perfectly. There are sequins and glitter to choose from along with smooth and angular leaves, though the sprig of berries in the middle look tempting enough to pluck. Champagne flowers pair well with earth tones and ivory alike while standing out thanks to their hand-made patterns. Frosted-ice dewberries speckled throughout each petal make for little surprises, and our mesh stem champagne poinsettias add an ethereal touch to wherever they’re placed. Our elegant flowers come in a variety of sizes so that no part of your display overcrowds it or gets overcrowded in turn; all that matters is making the right choice for your unique arrangement.

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Want to have a bit of help picking out which poinsettia would look best where and with what? Our knowledgeable team at Decorator’s Warehouse has the experience to help make your holiday display the best-looking one yet!