Christmas Garlands

Garlands are some of the oldest symbols of plenty, stemming from Europe. They represent the bounty of the season and the plenty that’s to come. This message is enhanced by the use of platinum and gold for garlands, giving them an additional elegance that outshines and improves even the dullest of moods. See all of our garlands from our Natural Elegance Christmas collection!

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Gold and White Themed Christmas Garlands

At Decorator’s Warehouse, we’ve selected gold and silver garlands that are ideal for hanging across entryways and doors, draping across mantles and tables, and adding additional flair to trees. Keeping in mind tradition, we hope that our elegant holiday garlands bring together your friends and family together to celebrate the good things in life with smiles. Interested in finding everything you need for an elegant Christmas display in one place? Save yourself the headache of searching around by viewing our Natural Elegance Collection and tree bundle here.

Want some more information about our gold and white garlands or just need to run some decorating ideas by an expert? Our knowledgeable staff of holiday experts is only a phone call or email away!