Christmas Tree Accessories

Result Limiting

While there is certainly something elegant in the simplicity of a barren tree, customizing what has become the defacto symbol of the Christmas season makes it your own.

Brighten Up the Holidays

Decorator’s Warehouse presents reliable, colorful Neuman and Regency that are ready to give a dash of light and color to anywhere they’re strung! With a bit of flair, lights can be shaped to form larger figures. From clear to rainbow, there’s a wide assortment of Christmas lights that can be chosen from. Worried about shorts in your lights? Don’t want to waste the whole string? Invest in a Light Keeper to repair incandescent light sets with an included bulb tester, pre-installed battery, fuse inspector, and ten spare bulbs found in the handle!

Oh My, Ornaments!

Nothing spices up a Christmas tree like carefully selected ornaments. From classic to contemporary, Decorator’s Warehouse has all of the tree Ornaments and accessories to create your own for any Christmas theme. Natural materials in jute ornaments add a rustic note to your tree, while molded porcelain and ceramic ornaments are themed to the lifestyle of any household. Shatterproof ornaments and plastic ornaments are also available for those who don’t want to fish out any shards from the presents in the event a pet or child gets too handsy with the decor.

Blooming in Winter

Our assortment of Christmas tree flowers is the perfect accent for a natural-themed holiday. From frosty, translucent white to colors that look freshly plucked from the garden, Christmas tree accessories have rarely taken a more marvelous shape than the poinsettia. Wire-themed flowers with loops and bells, flowers with plaid and holly, the limit is only your creativity (and the space on your tree)!

Stash Away the Pine

A deluxe Christmas tree storage bag is just the Christmas tree accessory that Santa ordered to keep your reusable tree unmarred for the next year. Able to fit a wide variety of sizes up to nine feet, these wide sacks are themed for the season and opens wide to accommodate wide bases as well. Straps and cinches complete the functionality of this must-have Christmas tree accessory.

A Bundle of Holiday Joy

Designer Christmas trees without the stress of creating one from scratch yourself is possible only through Decorator’s Warehouse. Select from a variety of custom-curated holiday themes such as North Pole Party, Winter Woodland, Farmhouse Christmas, and more! Selected with atmospheres, lifestyles, and complementary colors in mind, the Christmas bundles are an ideal one-click solution for all your tree decorating needs!