Gingerbread Christmas Ribbon

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Freshly baked from the tray, these tasty ribbons are sure to sweeten up anything. Our gingerbread ribbon collection features primary colors of red, white, and brown with characteristic swirls of mint and our little cookie friends. This season, elevate your decorating game with the gingerbread-themed ribbons hand-selected by the folks at Decorator’s Warehouse!

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Gingerbread Themed Christmas Ribbons

Wire gingerbread ribbons are as sturdy as the walls of a gingerbread house; they can easily be reused year after year. Non-wired options are available as well and make ideal ribbons for wrapping Christmas gifts or crafting into unique shapes.

Choose from a variety of styles, patterns, and materials for your gingerbread ribbons. The textured gingerbread ribbons sporting scrumptious gingerbread men and women look tasty enough to eat. These versatile baking-themed ribbons are certainly not only for the Christmas season; they’re perfect for birthdays and other special occasions!

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Do you need a few extra helping hands in the kitchen? We’re standing by to answer any questions you may have about any product and to help you put together your tastiest holiday bundle ever!