5 Enchanting Christmas Themes

Dec 7th 2023

Choosing a theme for your holiday decorating won’t just result in a beautiful interior, it can also be inspirational, helping you through the process of selecting decorative elements, accents, and Christmas decorations for your home.

In addition to setting a framework for all of your holiday decorating, choosing a theme will result in a cohesive overall look and a visually stunning setting that is ripe with Christmas ambiance.

There are many different themes (see our Collections page to discover some of them) but these 5 are some of the most popular right now. Here are some of the ones you can incorporate these themes into your Christmas decorating this year!

Gingerbread (Whimsical) Theme

Christmas decorating

Our Gingerbread collection is characterized by red and white accents, plaid, and pops of whimsy! It is also packed with gingerbread-themed ribbon, picks, sprays, florals, and of course, gingerbread-inspired ornaments.

Christmas decorating

The ornaments and accents in our gingerbread collection make it easy to create a nostalgic, charming, almost storybook-like atmosphere through the artistic use of gingerbread ornaments, cookie figures, candy accents, and vibrant colors.

Coordinating ornaments, ribbon, and figures is easy, too, because most of the items in this collection sport red, white, and gingerbread-colored palettes; they are all naturally aligned, so creating a sense of harmony is effortless!

Sweet Shoppe (Perfect for Candyland or Pink Themes, Too!)

Christmas decorating

Our Sweet Shoppe collection has taken a lot of inspiration from the popularity of Candyland and pink-themed Christmas decorations. This collection is rich in candy-themed ornaments and pastel-colored decorative accents full of unique, whimsical elements.

Christmas decorating

The florals, picks, sprays, ribbons, and ornaments in this collection make it easy to create a pastel-pink, blue and white-themed design that’s sweeter than sweet tea. In addition to candy-inspired ornaments and bright picks and sprays, there are also unique Christmas decor accents, like nutcrackers, donut-themed candleholders, cake ball sprays, and sprinkle-covered candy canes that can be used to decorate tables, garlands, and other Christmas greenery around your home, lending a super-sweet air.

Christmas decorating

Classic Christmas (Perfect for Traditional Themes)

Christmas decorating

If you love a traditional Christmas theme, then our Classic Christmas collection is the one for you. The timeless appeal of this collection is suffused with traditional red, green, and gold colors as well as classic elements such as jewel-trimmed velvet stockings, nutcrackers, wreaths, and other traditional greenery.

This collection also contains poinsettia-inspired stems and florals, red, white and gold ribbon, rich red and gold ball baubles and onion finial ornaments, bell ornaments, resin sleigh decorative accents, jingle-bell-inspired accents, and other timeless Christmas decor that is perfect for cultivating an old-world air and overall traditional aesthetic.

Christmas decorating

The ornaments and accents in this traditional collection pair beautifully with other traditional Christmas greenery such as wreaths and garland and the gold and red will look beautiful when juxtaposed with the green. Remember that you can make a garland or a wreath really pop with some Christmas ribbon and a few well-chosen picks and ornaments.

Christmas decorating

Natural Elegance

Gold, glam, and a lot of sparkle that takes no small part of inspiration from nature - that’s what you’ll discover in our Natural Elegance collection!

Christmas decorating Christmas decorating

This is the Christmas decor collection to shop if you love a lot of glitter and sparkle but are also moved by overarching earth tones and natural elements like pinecones and greenery, all embellished and reimagined with metallic accents to really make them shine!

Christmas decorating

The Christmas ribbon, picks, sprays, ornaments, and other decorative accents in this collection all feature a somewhat minimalistic yet elegantly refined aesthetic, making them perfect for modern interiors as well as spaces with gold and silver highlights.

Christmas decorating

It’s also the perfect collection for neutrally-toned interiors, against which type of backdrop the Christmas decor in this collection will naturally pop!

Winter Woodland Theme (Rustic)

Another really great theme you can follow is a farmhouse, cabin-inspired, or other rustic theme, which you will find a little easier with a little help from our Winter Woodland collection.

Christmas decorating

Subtle hues and designer greenery are the central fixtures of the Winter Woodland theme, in which you will discover Christmas decor and accents, ribbons, picks, sprays, and ornaments with cozy textures, woodsy elements, and a neutral color palette.

Christmas decorating

This collection also features accents that utilize elements like faux fur, birch print/tone, pine cones, raw wood, and woodland creatures like deer and moose to lend an unmistakably rustic aura.

A complete Christmas interior, infused with simple beauty of nature, yet with an elegant, refined designer twist is only a few clicks away!

Christmas decorating

Explore More Themed Christmas Decor

Each of these themed Christmas decor collections possesses a completely unique charm that offers a great deal of versatility to your decorating. Theming your decorations can also create lasting memories, elevate the Christmas spirit, and of course, provide you with a source of renewed inspiration for future decorating.

While you’re here, explore our other featured Christmas collections — and remember, you don’t need to settle on a single theme. A Christmas theme can also be personalized by mixing and matching decorations and elements from multiple different collections!

Be sure to share your creations with us, we love to see what our customers come up with! And, if you need any assistance, remember, we’re never more than a call away!