2023 Christmas Tree Decor Trends

Aug 29th 2023

When planning your elegant, whimsical, or rustic Christmas tree design, there are so many options to choose from! Grab your favorite hot or iced beverage, get out your planner, and start taking notes to compile the best Christmas Tree Decor Trends to craft an amazing Christmas tree to enjoy all season long!

Christmas Tree Decor Trends for 2023

There are ten trends to watch out for this year and they include everything from classic Nutcracker Christmas trees to fresh Blue and White Christmas tree design. Here's what we'll be exploring:

  • Nutcracker Themed Christmas Trees
  • Mixed Metals 
  • Retro Glam Christmas
  • Organic Christmas Greenery
  • Pink Christmas Candyland
  • Gingerbread Christmas 
  • Jewel Christmas Decor
  • Blue Christmas
  • Winter Wonderland White
  • Traditional Red Christmas

Top 10 Christmas Decor Trends for 2023

Whether you’re local to the DFW Metroplex in the heart of Texas or you’re reading this blog a few miles away in Australia (or any place in between), we want to help YOU find the most unique, classic, and trending Christmas tree decor. Having the best options simply gives you the most room to play with what resonates with you and the people in your life. As the Christmas decorating experts, we have identified the top trends in 2022 and beyond, and we offer the most comprehensive selection when it comes to finding the right look for your home and Christmas tree ideas. Without further ado, here are the top ten trending looks for this season!

1. Nutcracker Christmas Tree

To say this decor trend is loved is a massive understatement! For the past few years, we’ve seen this tree design evolve and mature into the stunning standard that it is today — from red and green opulence to navy and jewel tones, you can take this tree theme in any direction to customize it for your home.

Red Nutcracker Christmas Tree

Nutcracker ornaments

Images courtesy of Lifebyleanna

This year’s Nutcracker has all the moody vibes — with dark blues and vibrant reds to glittering golds, emerald greens, and beyond, the playful bold prints and stunning pops of black and white bring this stunning look to life!

2. Mixed Metals Christmas Tree Decorating

What once was simply a Gold and White Christmas Tree craze has turned into a Mixed Metals showstopping sensation! With champagnes, platinum, silvers, and gold, there are a myriad of designs that you can take with this delightful design. If you want to lean into glass ornaments and rich accents or stay with a more demure look, you’ll find anything your heart desires with a delightful Natural Elegance Collection-inspired theme.

3. Retro Christmas Tree Decor

When it comes to bringing nostalgia back, reawaken your vintage vibes with delightful pops of color! We dream in technicolor and see the rainbows with bright lights all over coming back big time!

Now, another subset of this category sees purple making its day in so many of the designs across the country. Whether you love a true purple ornament or a sparkling pop of bright fuschia, there’s something for you to love! Couple some vibrant shatterproof ornament hues with fantastic pastel-inspired themes, and you’ve got some funky magical vibes brewing!

Another vintage glam find that we absolutely love is the vintage reflector ornaments that are stealing the show on this red and green Christmas tree! Using the classic colors, you can still invoke a sense of fun and absolute wonder with a few specifically positioned pieces.

4. Organic Natural Greenery Christmas Tree and Mantle Decor

One Christmas decor trend that is here to stay is incorporating greenery in your Christmas designs. But what if you could enjoy the texture of real pine garlands without dropping needles or dealing with your expensive garlands dying? We’re here to tell you that the Real Touch Natural Greenery and other looks in the collection are your solution! Spend your money on these high-quality, long-lasting Christmas garlands — we love what they do for table centerpieces, piano tops, bookcases, staircases, and mantels! You can also use the sprays to tuck into your Christmas tree for an added fullness!

5. Pink Christmas Tree Ideas

From storybook Christmas themes to the favorite Barbie movie released earlier this year, pink Christmas decor is making its way into the hearts and homes of more people this season! We love incorporating it with red and white or other pastels for a delightfully whimsical look!

Some of our looks are only available in-store, like these Glitterville magical figurines. We can’t get enough of their cuteness, so we just had to share them with you all!

Photo shared by NissaLynnInteriors

When you marry the red and white Peppermint Collection with a few tasteful pink hues, you get the magic below!

Or if you have a house full of kids and kids at heart, this whimsical pastel number by our friend Lindsey at the Live Sweet Blog may just make you happier than you could ever imagine!

Shared by LiveSweetBlog

6. Gingerbread Kitchen Christmas Tree Trend

One totally fun and completely Christmasy look that people love year after year is a good old-fashioned Gingerbread and kitchen-themed Christmas tree. With red and white pops and gingerbread cookies galore, you can’t help but sense all the cozy feels with this wonderfully nostalgic yet fresh take on all things cookies and home.

7. Jewels Christmas Decor Trend

Our luxury acrylic jewels come in many colors — from white and gold to deep emeralds and reds, there’s something for everyone to love!

We can’t get enough of this stunning pastel-inspired jewel tree or the classic red and green hues coupled with other glam elements from our sprays, ribbon, and florals.

8. Blue Christmas Decor

When it comes to delightful winter scenes, blue and white Christmas decor has been trending for a few years, and it’s definitely taken our hearts! When you’re looking for a classic, elegant, and simply unexpected tree to go with your home decor, crafting a blue design that’s either neutrals-based or glamorous can be a fun and festive way to stay on trend!

We took the best of blue and paired it with stunning farmhouse-inspired faith messages and nativity scenes to bring our debuting Oh Holy Night Christmas Collection.

And this nod to all you grand millennial lovers, this chic blue and white glam Christmas tree hits all the right notes to bring your entire home decor together!

9. Winter Wonderland

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, we bet you’re not alone! Having an epic white look with silvery magical threads weaving through is one of the most beautiful and inspiring Christmas tree ideas for the season! We absolutely adore keeping one palette while adding lots of textures to bring in dimension and visual interest.

10. Red Christmas Decor

If you LOVE classic Christmas vibes, there’s nothing wrong with that! We are obsessed with playing with different textures, elements, and accessories to bring the freshest takes on the traditional red, green, and white options for celebrating this beloved holiday! Here are a few of our favorite looks for this season!

We hope you love these top ten Christmas tree decor trends and are inspired to go out and make something beautiful this season! From traditional red and gold to red and green all the way to vintage and pastel glam, we hope you find just what you’re looking for and can enjoy the best Christmas ever with your friends and family. Be sure to stop into either the online shop or our local shop in Arlington, TX, for more inspiration resources and magical finds!