​Christmas Tree Ideas and Decor Trends for 2022

Aug 17th 2022

When you’re crafting your dream Christmas tree design and start to look for the best Christmas trends, look no further than the Decorator’s Warehouse team! We’ve been so honored to share the Christmas decor trends for 2020 and 2021 — and this year, there are so many amazing designs, ribbons, patterns, and more to help you create the best for your home.

Christmas tree ideas and decor trends 2022

Our buyers start the process one year in advance, so we’ve been sitting on these looks for a while and simply can’t wait to help you find your own individual way to deck the halls!

Without further ado, here are the design trends in Christmas decor for 2022.

Christmas Tree Ideas and Decor Trends

In 2021, we saw so many rustic and glam looks — today, we’re watching how some of these trends are continuing and evolving — but we’re also excited about a more whimsical and colorful holiday color scheme and new themes coming up in the trends!

1. Navy Christmas Tree Designs

Navy has been a popular choice, and it’s no surprise as to why — with a crisp and clean coloring, you can pair it with neutrals, golds and glam, bright reds, or deep greens for a stunning classic White Christmas or themed look.

Blue and white christmas tree

Nissa-Lynn from Nissa Lynn Interiors brought this show-stopping navy and white look together from the White Christmas Collection! This kind of tree is perfect for your entryway, formal living, or dining space.

red, blue and plaid christmas tree

I brought this classic Americana look to life when I fell head over heels with the navy and red plaid ribbon during the Christmas season. With jingle bells and velvet, the contrasting textured tied together beautifully with our cozy Christmas ribbon, adding simple berries and ornaments throughout as accents!

navy and platinum christmas tree

This showstopper brings two looks together - the navy trend as well as the platinum trend - and you simply can’t go wrong with these two colors colliding on the Christmas scene!

blue and gold ribbon

Our in-store version brings a brighter blue to the platinum and gold, eliciting a rich and vibrant hue.

Jewel-toned Christmas tree

This jewel-toned stunner has all the best of burgundy, navy, and platinum to make any glam pop with regal fun.

While we’re looking at the navy and platinum, another favorite trend of ours is mixing a Nutcracker theme with navy accents. Some of our favorite soldier-inspired ribbons are navy and full of robust texture and rich hues.

shop nutcracker ribbon

2. Platinum, the New Neutral

Platinum is a dynamic option as a “newer” neutral. Instead of using creams and whites or silver and gold as accents, you can add this color for a softer glam look! This year, we decided to do three different platinum designs that you can pre-purchase as a bundle, with navy, red, and neutral accents. Each look is stunning on its own and fits with a variety of styles.

platinum christmas tree

red and platinum christmas tree

navy and platinum christmas tree

This Natural Elegance tree can be spotted in our store, and we just love the regal yet natural effect you get when you cover a neutral base with platinum sprays, florals, and ribbons!

white and platinum christmas tree

This graceful platinum design was from Just Destiny last year for our Home For the Holidays Christmas Tour. She nailed the balance of neutrals and outdoor elements for a shimmering celebration of nature.

3. Gnomes

We love these sweet and slightly sassy little personalities. With tons of character and a variety of patterns, you can put together a unique whimsical Christmas tree or Halloween Christmas tree with lots of festive character.

Gnomes and holiday signs Christmas TreeIn this look, we’ve got bright red, white, and green with traditional elements that complement the unexpected but totally adorable gnome ornaments! With a few ribbons and accents featured below, you can bring your charming gnome look to life.

gnome christmas

And to be sure you catch the complete gnome-fever happening around here, take a peek at these delightful Halloween gnomes — these little guys are stuck in our hearts and are making their way into our homes for good this year!

Halloween gnomes

4. Gingerbread Christmas Tree Themes

We’ve seen the Gingerbread tree theme evolve over the past couple of years and are so proud of this year’s fantastic magical kitchen look.

Gingerbread christmas tree

In Store Gingerbread theme tree

Our Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen bundle brings a ginger-colored balance to the red and white classic combo we’ve adored! These unique poinsettias and delightful ribbons bring the entire look together with yummy inspirations.

red and white christmas tree kitchen

This sweet 5-foot Kitchen tree held a special place in my house last year - sitting sweetly on my island, it served to anchor the kitchen and brought warmth with the delightful red and white themes with yummy treats peeking out!

5. Pastel Christmas Trees

Pastels have been making a statement for the past few years, but we’re upping the pink and teal power with some Glitterville accents and other fun elements that make pastel Christmas trees so eye-catching.

pastel christmas tree

in-store pastel Christmas tree with Glitterville figurines

This is our Sweet Shoppe Bundle — with special sprinkled treats, gorgeous sparkling florals, and amazing pink and teal ribbon, it’s a winter wonderland look, fit for any princess — or a fun family room!

Glitterville accents for christmas decor

Glitterville brings some of the most fanciful looks to life, and we’re so excited to share the looks with you! When you need something completely imaginative and fun-filled, you’ll find it with these fantastic accent pieces. Available in store only while supply lasts.

Sweet Shoppe Christmas tree

This stunning ode to Santa's Sweet Shoppe came from our friend Sami @sami_riccioli on Instagram! She loves to support other families in their traditions and has been raffling trees and donating the proceeds to bring Christmas joy to others for a few years. We were so glad she used our looks to bring those dreams to life!

6. Vintage Teal with Frosty Peppermint Christmas Tree

Teal and Peppermint swirls bring a fresh approach for those who want whimsical but aren’t sold on the completely pastel looks. But bringing teal to the red and white, you get this irresistible fresh vintage charm!

vintage teal and red bedroom christmas tree

We love the cozy and sweet vibes from this Peppermint and Sweet Shoppe Collections combination! Brooke from Re-Fabbed brought this adorable bedroom tree to life last year, and we just couldn’t get enough!

7. Nutcracker Christmas Trees

Last but not least, the grand Nutcracker Christmas trees still have our hearts! From irresistible Nutcracker soldiers and vintage baubles and ornaments to black and white accent pieces, you have so many directions you can take this storybook theme!

Nutcracker Grand Christmas tree

christmas tree ribbon nutcracker

Leanna from brought this fantastic Nutcracker display to life with some of our favorite ribbons last year. We love the subtle way the Nutcracker theme is woven into the classically warm vibes. 

We hope these Christmas tree ideas and decor trends for 2022 light up your imagination and your home with the best the season has to offer!