Shatterproof Ornaments

Shatterproof Christmas ornaments not only allow the littlest of decorators to adorn a tree safely but provide years of festive flair thanks to their longevity. The folks at Decorator’s Warehouse have put together a collection of the finest shatterproof holiday ornaments on the market that have been hand-picked for their beauty, durability, and versatility. Pick up individual or sets of shatterproof ornaments in various styles and textures that integrate flawlessly into any Christmas tree, garland, or wreath!

Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornaments

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How Are Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Made?

Shatterproof holiday ornaments are made by molding plastic that has been specifically formulated for color retention and durability. A unique combination of materials and finishing techniques allows shatterproof tree decorations to be matte or glossy while allowing decorators the opportunity to add their own designs of glitter on the top layer. Shatterproof netball ornaments are made this way along with finials, each coming in a variety of colors and cultural styles.

Can Shatterproof Christmas Decorations Be Used Outside?

If you’re looking for holiday ornaments that can be used outside, you’re probably interested in ornaments that can endure the water, wind, and snow as the seasons change. Anything that you use outside of the home should be labeled as outdoor safe unless kept protected from the elements. If you want to make sure that your ornaments are appropriate for the weather in your area, reach out to Decorator’s Warehouse to find the right outdoor shatterproof ornaments for your needs.

Do Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Come in Sets?

Decorator’s Warehouse sells shatterproof holiday ornaments in sets and in individual quantities. Ornaments sold in sets are typically similar in color and size, often found in our popular Christmas tree bundles. However, there are also sets of shatterproof ornaments that come in an assortment of styles with colors ranging from solid to translucent. If you’re looking to purchase shatterproof ornaments in bulk, contact our staff via phone or email for more information on how we can assist you.

How Can I Protect Non-Shatterproof Holiday Ornaments?

Christmas ornaments that aren’t shatterproof can create troublesome messes when dropped. Dangerous bits of glass, ceramic, and more can present hazards to small decorators or those with special needs should they stumble. This is why it’s best to choose shatterproof Christmas ornaments so that everyone can decorate the season in relaxation.

However, we understand that sometimes families have inherited collections of ornaments that represent a legacy of tree decorating history, and some wish to purchase beautiful tree ornaments that are made with materials that are less robust. In such cases, it’s best to leave hanging these ornaments to those who have the responsibility and physical ability to handle them appropriately. Shatterproof ornaments, when not being used, can be easily stored by wrapping them with layers of tissue paper or newspaper. They can also be protected by bubblewrap purchased from nearby shipping businesses.

Are Shatterproof Ornaments Unbreakable?

Shatterproof Christmas ornaments, while generally safe from being dropped at almost any height, aren’t 100% crushproof. Though smooth, round ornaments generally are hard to miss while on the ground, we can’t guarantee that they’ll still be round if Santa’s entire bag of gifts is dropped onto them! To avoid sliding or tripping, keep your shatterproof ornaments in an area that’s away from foot traffic while decorating your tree.

Are Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Easy to Decorate With?

Shatterproof Christmas decorations are perhaps the easiest-to-use adornments for any tree, garland, wreath, and more. Simply hang them by their slender hooks that come pre-shaped and pre-attached for your convenience. If you or your fellow decorators drop one or three, you can be assured that they’ll not shatter into bits while still retaining their luster.

The Best Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments Around

Decorator’s Warehouse offers customers the widest selection of the best shatterproof ornaments for sale today. If you’d like to learn more about our themed ornaments, Christmas collections, or tree bundles, give us a call or send us an email today. Our staff of expert holiday decorators loves helping to pick out the perfect display items for all festive occasions!