Winter Woodland Picks and Sprays

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Sprays have become an increasingly integral part of decorating for the holidays over the last few years. Rustic Christmas sprays are especially popular thanks to their naturalistic themes. These versatile decorations can be used to add additional flair to Christmas trees, laid horizontally across a long table as an accent, or stood vertically in your favorite vase to create a standalone display blossoming with wintery cheer. Larger, denser woodland Christmas sprays are best used at the bases of trees or in outdoor swags or garlands to add additional texture and fullness.

Want more rustic decorations to go with your Winter Woodland Christmas sprays? Be sure to check out our Winter Woodland Christmas Tree Decor Kit and create a rustic Christmas themed home!

Rustic Themed Christmas Sprays

Decorator’s Warehouse has selected these rustic Christmas sprays for our Winter Woodland collection based on their natural charms that bring a touch of the outside in. Cream-pink pomegranate sprays create a soothing touch of color that pairs nicely with ribbons, wooden ornaments, and poinsettias made of burlap. Pine branch sprays, great for displaying near entrances, give homes a warm, welcoming energy that radiates a constant hum of happiness. Choose a denser pine spray that allows for a more realistic spread, or select one with frost-tipped needles to mirror that freshly-hewn look. Rustic Christmas garlands go best with traditional plaid, red berries, and other metallic accents.

Would you like some additional help picking out the best rustic Christmas sprays for your theme this year? Reach out to us via phone or email to speak with a holiday decorating expert and find the perfect items for you today!