Snowberry Christmas Ribbon

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Fresh from the farm and all wrapped up in a bow, these red, white, and black ribbons feature lots of plaid and natural textures that remind visitors of hand-picked berries. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Decorator’s Warehouse, there’s now a cornucopia of choice when it comes to the best Christmas ribbons available today!


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Cranberry & Buffalo Plaid Christmas Ribbon

Wired cranberry images can be woven through the middle of wreaths and through banisters just as easily as they can grace a tree or wrap a present. Our wired red berry ribbons pair well with traditional holiday colors and themes, making them the perfect complement to a cranberry-inspired Christmas tree. The plaid holiday ribbons are as reliable and reusable as your favorite flannel; we even have ribbons made from the same material! For those looking for additional textures, these snowberry ribbons come in wool, felt, velvet, cotton, and synthetic options.

As far as red berry designs go, you’re not limited to solids and plaids. We offer deer and snowflake ribbons, along with holly and glitter. For those looking for something exquisitely rustic, our canvas birch Christmas ribbon fits the bill. As always, our ribbons come in a variety of lengths and widths for your convenience and customization needs.

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Want an extra bit of help selecting the ideal assortment of items for your unique display? Then give Decorator’s Warehouse a call or send us an email to speak with our experienced staff!