Christmas Teardrops

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Christmas teardrops derive their namesake from the unique shape that has become a staple of many a foyer and walkway during the holiday season. Your home will be a beacon of warmth for those who follow the holiday teardrops to your doorway or fireplace. Accented with sprays and bows, a lovely Christmas teardrop is the perfect alternative to the traditional wreath while also remaining suitably festive for the season!

Christmas Teardrop Sizes

There's a wide selection of sizes when it comes to Christmas teardrops at Decorator's Warehouse. Therefore, it's important to measure the space before purchasing in order to guarantee that your Christmas teardrop will look appropriate where you wish to place it. Various accents such as Magnolia leaves, shaped twigs, colorful berries, cotton balls, and ribbons are all available to further customize your teardrop.

Despite what shape the name brings to mind, a Christmas teardrop can be hung at any angle. Pine cones add a little bit extra bulk to the area; wild berries allow for a slight accent that almost pulls the eye toward the fringes of the teardrop. Twigs act like lightning rods for the holiday's energy as more and more guests are conducted to and through your home.

Petite Christmas teardrops service perfect decorations around mirrors, windows, and mantle pieces inside the home. Even vehicles such as cars, vans, and trucks have all been known to occasionally have one fastened securely to the front or back for a bit of mobile holiday cheer!

Christmas teardrops of broader size are perfect for outdoor walkways, walls, doorways, fences, and garages. For larger homes, Teardrops are perfect for accenting the sides of a foyer or the doorways of sitting rooms. Windows that are accented by Christmas teardrops, when hit by the winter sun's rays, glisten with a unique comfort reminiscent of days-gone-by.

Decorating a Christmas Teardrop

Ideal colors will be those that are able to accent the background where it is placed. A teardrop that is plain green might not stand out well against an earth-colored door or wall, and you don't want the holiday decoration that you have spent time selecting and purchasing to go unnoticed by those merely passing through.

Unique Flair for Your Holiday

The Christmas teardrops for sale at Decorator's Warehouse have been specifically created for their unique styles, accents, and customization abilities. Our assortment of holiday ribbons and Christmas sprays offers those who find themselves the most creative during the holidays an outlet for their boundless inspirations.

  • Evergreen Tears or Decorated to the Nines
  • Choose a teardrop that fits your requirements of greenery, or change it up with a few pine cones, ornaments, berries, twigs, and more to truly make your Christmas teardrop an individual like none other.

  • Wrapped in a Bow and Colored to Perfection
  • Channel your inner Santa Claus and wrap your Christmas teardrop with one of our themed wired ribbons. Or, you can summon the spirit of Jack Frost by using a Christmas spray to give just the right amount of white to the ferns and leaves.

Teardrops that Make Memories

Don't settle for tacky holiday items that only subtract from the theme of your Christmas tree bundle. Whether it has a mix of prickly pine cones or has been kissed by ice, blushing with holly or bristling with happy twigs, your Christmas teardrop will be the perfect item to spruce up your season!