Farmhouse Christmas Flowers

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Nothing beats the traditional appeal of holiday flowers, and those that are styled with a touch of rural Americana in mind are some of the most classic.

Farmhouse Christmas Flowers

Our holiday farmhouse flowers come in a variety of sizes measured in inches. Go subtle and understated with a loop bell poinsettia, or opt to be as big as a plow horse with a red-and-black buffalo check. Our Christmas flowers feature frosted edges, clean cuts, and color-contrasting berries in the center so that you can balance the desired look with the rest of your tree.

Our farmhouse-style materials radiate a natural warmth due to their rustic-inspired origins. From burlap to cotton, utilize the unique patterns of each material to create the ideal arrangement of textures for everyone’s eyes to leap across.

We have everything that you require for your farmhouse-themed Christmas this year available with a single click. Our staff of decorating experts have carefully curated our Farmhouse Christmas Collection of assorted products featuring rural themes that pay homage to American workers of all stripes.

If you’re having issues deciding what would best go with your rural holiday decor, don’t fret. We’re only a quick phone call or email away. The Decorator’s Warehouse staff of home-sprucing champions is here to make sure that your displays take home the blue ribbon!