Classic Christmas Flowers

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Christmas flowers have always been classics. Not only do they make for the perfect gifts to show that you remember and care for others during this special season, but they’re stellar for setting the holiday atmosphere. That’s why we’ve selected our favorite arrangements of the best classic holiday flowers for sale today only at Decorator’s Warehouse.

Classic Christmas Flowers

When you think of classic Christmas colors, what comes to mind? We’re willing to bet that it’s something in line with the glowing nose of Rudolph himself! However, red is anything but predictable. Our unique textures and materials make each flower special and versatile for any display you can imagine.

Take a peek at our glitter edge Christmas flowers in both red and gold trim for something that invites the eyes to your tree, or take advantage of our luxurious red poinsettias for a more lifelike leaf texture. With both metallic and velvet options, you’ll have the glossy or subdued look that will accent the rest of your tree’s ornaments or your table’s displays.

Looking to have everything you’d ever need for decorating the perfect classic Christmas setting with only a single click? Take a look at our Classic Christmas Collection and view all of the timeless styles that have been carefully curated by our holiday experts.

Want a little additional help putting an extra layer of shine on your displays? Give us a call or email; our team of decorating professionals has the know-how and experience needed to help you elevate your holiday atmosphere to new heights!