A Few Quick Tricks on How to Hang Christmas Ornaments

Nov 23rd 2023

Believe it or not, there actually is a right way to hang Christmas ornaments! Even though it might seem simple, there are some tips, techniques, and tricks you can follow to make sure your ornaments not only look great, but stay in place.

After all, your ornaments may hold great financial and sentimental value, so hanging them the right way will make the most of your holiday decorating experience — and how much you LOVE your Christmas decor!

Here are some of our best suggestions.

For Larger Ball Ornaments

Larger baubles, whether glass or shatterproof ornaments made of plastic, can add depth and dimension to your Christmas tree, and there’s more than one way to use them in your Christmas decorating - you can hang them from doorways, garlands, and wreaths, too.

But for the tree, our pro decorating tip is to nestle them in among the branches rather than actually hanging them. This will fill out the tree and add color and intrigue near the tree’s core, making layering easier. Of course, you can use a piece of floral wire to anchor it in place.

For Heavier Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas ornaments

Regardless of what they’re made of, heavier ornaments should be placed deeper in the tree, as a general rule, so that they get more support from branches underneath them.

As with larger glass Christmas ornaments, this will add depth and dimension, but nestling heavier ornaments deeper within the tree will also help provide support, and prevent them from falling off the branches.

Use a bit of floral wire to hang them in the manner described above, and make sure part of the ornament is resting on the branches beneath it; this will help support it.

For Fragile, Lightweight Ornaments

Relatively small Christmas ornaments made of glass, crystal, or clay may not be likely to fall free of a branch (unless you have kids or pets!), but they can break if and when they do.

These ornaments are our favorite trick to show people! Simply use the string that’s attached, hang it on the tree branch, but wrap the string around the branch to get it the level and secure position - you’ll be able to see the ornament better as well know as know it’s safe!


Christmas ornaments

So for all other small ornaments, sliding the hanger over the end of the tree branch tip, and wrapping it around the branch several times will create a layering look so it won’t look like the ornament is just hanging there, and it will also provide much more security to the ornament, making it very hard for it to be knocked off the branch except by a deliberate act.

Christmas ornaments

Other Christmas Tree Decorations and Accents

In addition to Christmas ornaments, Christmas sprays, and Christmas picks, you may choose to decorate your tree with other accents like pine cones, glass icicles, faux snow, tinsel, and other accents.

These accents, like pinecones, can be attached to the Christmas tree with a bit of floral wire. Wrap it around the stem of the pine cone, then around one of the tree’s limbs to secure it.

A Note on Hanging Material for Your Christmas Ornaments

As a general rule, you should use the same material to hang all of your Christmas ornaments. Whether you use wire, ribbon, thread or string, keep it consistent and use a color that works with the tree, like black or hunter green (or a different color, like white or gold, if you have a white tree).

Using the same material to hang your holiday ornaments will help create a clean look and a consistent color scheme,

On Ordering and Layering Christmas Ornaments

When adding Christmas ornaments and accents to your tree, start with the largest ornaments first. Larger and heavier ones should be placed towards the interior of the tree, then work your way outwards as you decorate with progressively smaller ornaments.

Christmas ornaments

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