5 Ways to Decorate with Christmas Flowers

Nov 8th 2023

Don’t you love the red and green look of blooming poinsettias? They somewhat define theChristmas season - but they’re not the only Christmas flowers you can decorate with.

Decorator’s Warehouse carries a whole collection of Christmas flowers that can make great additions to your overall vision. Our store carries themed flowers, too — gingerbread flowers to go with the rest of your gingerbread decorations, sweet shop flowers, cardinal flowers, and more.

So come along, let’s take a look at how we can decorate with them!

Christmas Tree Toppers: Christmas Flowers and Sprays

One of the least surprising ways you can use Christmas flower decorations is in the tree topper. Alongside Christmas sprays and picks, flower decorations can make a topper that really pops.

To create a sense of cohesion, use some of the same picks and sprays in the topper that you use elsewhere in the body of the tree. If you like the look of our gingerbread-themed tree (see you can shop the entire look and use the Cookie Pine Sprays along with a few other looks.

Gingerbread-leaf sprays

For a 7 foot tall tree, you’ll need about 2. Run the stem along the pole of the tree, straight down (not diagonally) and then use the branches to secure the spray. Place the second stem on the other side, with the stem straight along the pole.

You can also add in some red and gingerbread-themed leaf sprays, too. Gingerbread-leaf sprays and red berry sprays go well with this theme. Adding several of these near the top of the tree gives it a little bit of height and creates a bright focal point.

Christmas flowers

Once your picks and sprays are placed, you can use Christmas flowers to create a cap right at the base of the topper which will deliver a smooth transition from the body of the tree to the topper.

Great florals to use in this design include red and white and gingerbread poinsettia stems. The gingerbread theme and stunning red colors of these floral stems will underscore the topper and create a sense of relief.

Christmas flowers

In the Body of the Tree

You can also use Christmas flowers in the body of the tree, after you’ve added some Christmas ribbon. The idea here is to create clusters of sprays and florals that are married together in theme and color. These will round out empty spots on the tree and improve the overall look and feel of your gingerbread decorations.

You can use more of the Cookie Pine Sprays and Gingerbread Leaf Sprays you used in the topper. Lay them together, pulling some parts forward and some back so that it looks like one piece.

Christmas flowers

Once you have the sprays aligned and woven together, you can use the same Christmas flowers you used in the topper to complete the look. Insert the florals, angled up; if using more than one, stagger the levels to create a sense of balance. To help keep them together, you can twist one of the stems around the others.

You can also use individual stem florals on the body of the tree. A good rule of thumb is to use one floral stem per foot of tree, regardless of the style used. Place them between the clusters you’ve already inserted to fill in any gaps.

After placing your Christmas flower arrangements, you can add individual sprays to the body of the tree. Use a few different styles that align with the overall color and theme of the tree. If you’re using gingerbread decorations in your holiday decorating, some great options are to use the red berry sprays you used in the topper, along with Red and White Peppermint Ball Sprays, Red and White Snowflake Sprays, and Gingerbread Cookie Stems.

Place these wherever you have gaps between your spray/pick clusters and Christmas flowers. This step will really fill out the tree by adding depth and dimension.

After you’ve filled out the tree with additional picks and sprays, the last step is to add ornaments to brighten up the tree. Red and gingerbread ornaments, like the Peppermint Striped Ball Ornaments and 14cm red shatterproof ornaments from our Gingerbread decorations collection will shine here. Place these on the outer ends of the branches.

Specialty ornaments, like our 9” Gingerbread Snowflakes, really work great here, too.

Other great gingerbread-themed ornaments for this design include our glass gingerbread ornaments and Clay Gingerbread Cookie Sheet ornaments.

After placing the ornaments, the final step is to round out the tree with accents like bow ties and one-loop bows made from odds and ends of Christmas ribbon.

You’re all finished! Take a step back and soak up the beauty of your perfect Christmas creation!

In Christmas Wreaths

You can also adorn your Christmas wreaths with floral arrangements. An evergreen wreath is a blank canvas that’s ripe for the addition of ribbon, picks and sprays, lights, ornaments, and of course Christmas flowers!

Add the lights, then ribbons, and then fill out empty areas with pine cones, picks, sprays and ornaments that are themed and colored alike. The last step should be to add in Christmas flowers; you can bunch these in with your picks and sprays or use them to fill out any remaining open spots to fill out the wreath.

While traditional Christmas evergreen wreaths are great for this, you can also use this technique to fill out wicker wreaths, adding color, volume, and dimension in the process.

In Christmas Centerpieces

Creating a Christmas centerpiece is easy, and it helps to tie together the rest of a room’s decorations with a bright, themed focal point.

You don’t need to go overboard with it, either. Get some vases or other empty containers and add our colorful floral stems aligned with your theme - be it gingerbread, Santa’s Sweet Shoppe, Winter Wonderland, or something else.

It’s easy to create a centerpiece with a wreath, too. Follow the basic steps mentioned in the last section, then place the wreath flat in the middle of a table. Add in a runner and place some candles or a vase or decorative glassware (or other accents) in the middle of the wreath, and you’re set.

You can also use cake pedestals, candles, glassware, ribbons, and other decorative accents to create layers for your centerpiece.

In Christmas Garlands: Christmas Flower Perfection

In addition to trees and wreaths, one other great place to use floral picks and sprays is in Christmas garlands. Garlands, just like wreaths, are blank canvases that can be accented with lights, ribbon, floral picks and sprays, and themed ornaments.

One trick is to decorate Christmas garlands with the same accents you used to decorate a wreath, and use the two to compliment each other. For instance, if you hang a wreath over a fireplace, decorate garlands with the same picks, sprays, and ornaments and drape the garland over the mantle; if you hang a wreath on a door, use a garland (with the same accents) to decorate the door frame or, if there are columns or pedestals in the entryway, on them by spiraling the garlands up them.

Wherever you hang your Christmas garlands, bright red and white flowers will add a pleasant touch of charm, and will look beautiful with your greenery.

Shop Our Themed Collections and Get Inspired!

Christmas flowers

With ideas like these, you can put Christmas flowers, picks, and sprays to work for your home this Christmas season.

Make sure you follow us on our YouTube channel so you can get some inspiration from our creations, and take a look through our Peppermint and Gingerbread decorations collections, as well as our Mrs. Claus’ Gingerbread Kitchen bundle, if you like what you’ve seen in this blog!