Winter Woodland Wreaths

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Branch by branch, wreaths come together in a circle of never-ending greenery that symbolizes the continuation of prosperity and faith. No matter how elaborate or simple, the appeal of a wreath outside of one’s entrance is one of timeless style. This Christmas, indulge your inner creativity with a woodland-themed wreath from the holiday experts at Decorator’s Warehouse.

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Winter Woodland Christmas Wreaths

As the name implies, our winter woodland holiday wreaths feature elements that seem fresh from the outdoors and brought into the home before the latest snowfall. With plain evergreen options to highly-decorated varieties, there’s sure to be a natural wreath to fit your theme. The wide variety of wreath sizes will help you keep your display proportional regardless of the area in need of a little Christmas cheer.

Christmas wreaths with a little extra snow brushed on the edges are ideal for radiating a whimsical sense of chill, and pinecones, twigs, and berries each represent wealth, growth, and health. Our wreaths also pair well with a Christmas ribbon which can be wrapped around the circle’s outside to add additional character.

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