Winter Woodland Textiles

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Stitch by stitch and thread by thread, textiles weave the story of our history and heritage. This season, bring a touch of old-world charm to your home with the rustic Christmas textiles hand-picked by the folks at Decorator’s Warehouse.

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Winter Woodland Christmas Textiles

Perfect for any country-style Christmas or those looking for more naturalistic inspiration, our woodland tree skirts and table runners come in a variety of styles and designs. Simple yet elegant colors will easily match your tree’s organic grace while providing the ideal contrast for all of the presents soon to be found underneath. We also use animal-friendly faux fur linings to give our woodland textiles an extra bit of wild flair without harming any of Mother Nature’s critters.

Burlap and herringbone make for not only durable tree skirts and other textiles, but they also can be embossed or accented with a variety of iconic images. Our woodland series features reindeer, trees, leaves, firs, and other forest-inspired icons that are stellar at elevating the motif beneath any rustic tree.

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