Winter Woodland Garlands

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Perfect for both hanging and draping, woodland garlands bring a taste of the outdoors into your home. Set them atop mantles, run them across walls, and even use them to frame entryways and thresholds. Elevate your hearth this Christmas season with only the best holiday garlands from the festooning fanatics at Decorator’s Warehouse.

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Winter Woodland Christmas Garlands

Woodland-inspired garlands are unique because of their ability to remind us all of Christmastime while managing to remain minimalist in their expressions. We’ve taken this to heart with our Winter Woodland Collection of garlands that range in texture, length, and design.

Jack Frost himself wove our ice twig garlands together, and an old-school tinsmithing elf helped us out with our rustic silver ornaments. Pinecones, silver, and berries each represent wealth, luck, and health, bringing good fortune to whoever displays garlands throughout their home. Interested in decorating something yourself from the ground up? Our just-cut pines garlands are ideal for serving as a blank canvas for you to express your imagination.

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Do you need a little extra help feeling “rustic” rather than creatively “rusty?” Our team of decorating experts has the know-how and experience needed to elevate the atmosphere of any display or home; we’re only a phone call or email away to aid you!