Winter Woodland Flowers

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Rustic Christmas flowers in notable shades of brown, white, and gray make for neutral staple decorations that are as versatile as they are beautiful. Use them throughout your tree, to decorate a table runner, or to spice up a stocking. Decorator’s Warehouse has hand-selected only the finest of country holiday flowers for your perusal.

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Winter Woodland Christmas Flowers

Burlap has been used as an essential material throughout human history for both labor and decoration; we’re proud to feature this rugged option for our woodland Christmas flowers in a variety of dimensions and styles. With faux-fur edges and a variety of berries, there’s always going to be at least one poinsettia that will pair flawlessly with the rest of your display. A cozy option would be to decide on a version of a check or plaid Christmas flower, as these evoke memories of your warmest jac-shirt that could endure even the most blizzardy winds.

Our wool-edge woven fabric flowers radiate elements reminiscent of freshly-fallen snow and look dashing when paired against a forest green. For decorators looking for a bit more shine, take a look at our champagne-glitter edge poinsettias made of velvet.

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