The Top 5 Christmas Wreaths and Their Uses

Jan 15th 2024

Christmas wreaths, like other Christmas greenery, are beautiful, versatile, and, when used indoors, can bring a little of the green cheer of nature indoors during the bleakest part of the year.

Christmas wreaths are also highly versatile, as they can be used both indoors and outdoors, in a wide range of settings; they can be arranged on house sides, doors, fence and sign posts, mailboxes and columns, as well as within the home, in windows, over mantles, and in many other ways.

Moreover, wreaths, like Christmas trees, can be color-coordinated and theme-aligned with the rest of your Christmas decorating, and can be accented and embellished with lights, Christmas ribbons, ornaments, florals, picks, sprays, and other festive elements.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top 5 Christmas wreaths in our collection, along with their uses.

The Frost Berry Boxwood Double Wreath


The Frost Berry Boxwood Double Wreath is one of the true gems from our collection and offers a lot of color, versatility, and compatibility with a wide range of settings.

These are designed to look like the real thing, and each branch and berry is thoughtfully arrayed to create a perfectly lifelike impression.

While these wreaths can be used indoors in a wide variety of ways (over mantles or as statement pieces) an ideal use is right on your front door.

It offers a touch of timeless elegance and is durable enough to be used outdoors, making it perfect for this application. Moreover, the complementary reds of the berries and green of the verdure really make each other pop, which will increase your home’s curb appeal.

Beautiful on its own, you can also accent it with some red and white Christmas ribbons, and some picks and sprays that reflect the aesthetic of the rest of your home’s decorations.

Belgium Wreath (30”, Warm White LED)


Another one of our top Christmas wreaths is our Belgium Wreath (30” with warm white LEDs). This Deluxe Belgium Wreath exhibits high quality and can also be used indoors or outdoors, and our top placement suggestion is on front doors or walls

Front door placement is an especially practical option, as it will add color and light to your home’s entryways; all the same, it can also be added to a wall on your home’s exterior, or even above a garage, where it will add light to the rest of your home and serve as a colorful focal point.

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, it will create a warm and welcoming, magical atmosphere, and you can take its aesthetic appeal up a notch by embellishing it with Christmas ribbon, ornaments, and florals.

Real Touch Flocked Norfolk Wreath/Natural Touch Cedar Wreath (24”)


The next suggestion’s a toss-up, but we want to call out our Natural Touch 24” Real Touch Flocked Norfolk Wreath and our 24” Natural Touch Cedar Wreath.

Both of these wreaths offer a sense of realism that is uncommon and exquisite, and are highly versatile pieces of Christmas greenery that can be used to elevate your home’s interior spaces.

Specifically, we recommend using them to accent doors, windows, and mirrors in your home’s interior.


The Real Touch Flocked Norfolk Wreath, specifically, adds a nice frosty touch and a bit of shimmer, since it captures the realism of a thin coating of reflective ice - making it perfect for accenting with a string of cluster lights, or just for placement in an area with a soft, warm, lambent light.

When used on walls or in windows, they can be further elevated with lights, ornaments, ribbons, and florals to enhance their appeal and create a sense of harmony with your other decorative elements.

One unique technique is to hang them in a mirror on a wall, which will help create a cozier space (mirrors make a room feel larger) while also adding depth and dimension to the wreath itself, as well as any lights or ornaments used on it.

Christmas Flocked Pine Wreath with Jingle Bells (24”)

If you have a red and white, winter wonderland-esque aesthetic, the Christmas Flocked Pine Wreath with Jingle Bells just might be perfect for your home.

This little wreath has a ton of practical applications, but some of our best suggestions are to use it to accent smaller spaces like windows and interior doors, as well as mirrors, where the red accents and festive jingles bells will add pops of color and sparkle.

Another unique way to decorate with these wreaths is to use them in vent hoods in kitchens. They’re perfectly sized for the application and will bring a little Christmas spirit in your culinary spaces! Plus, you get extra points if your kitchen already has a white overall color scheme!


Bonus - this wreath pairs beautifully with accents and decorative elements from our Snowberry collection.

Belgium Wreath (72”, Warm White LED)

Last but not least, we have a larger version of the Belgium Wreath already mentioned, specifically the 72” Warm White LED Belgium Wreath.

This larger-than-life wreath is perfect for calling attention to larger elements of architecture and design. This makes it ideal for use on larger doors, walls, windows, and even outdoor gates. It’s durable, too, making it perfect for exterior use.

Naturally, the large size of this wreath also makes it perfect for doors, walls, and gates in commercial spaces, too.

The larger and more impressive the space, the better - this wreath is perfectly sized to add color, light, and intrigue, especially when accented with some colorful shatterproof ornaments, Christmas ribbon, picks, and sprays.


Explore These and Other Christmas Wreaths Here at Decorator’s Warehouse

These are only a few of the top Christmas wreaths from our collection, and there are many others, and many other great applications and ideas for decoration with them, on our website and in our store.

While you’re here, take some time to get familiar with our full collection of Christmas wreaths, as well as our full collection of decorations and themed collections. There’s enough in our collection to provide inspiration for you, no matter what your aesthetic preferences are!

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