Creative Ways to Use Themed Christmas Ribbon for Your Tree

Mar 29th 2024

Picture the perfect Christmas setting, with the tree as the dynamic centerpiece that it is. But this year, it’s just a little better. It’s perfectly lit, dressed to impress with ornaments of all sizes that coordinate, as well as florals, picks, sprays, and other trappings. Maybe you even have a resin sculpture or two on either side.

There may be just one thing that’s so important missing from this image: Christmas ribbon, which is a versatile and practical addition that we love to use as the starting point to tie your entire Christmas theme together!

Christmas ribbon has traditionally been popular as bows and intertwined with wreaths, teardrops, and garlands, making banisters and other focal points in your home shine brightly! But imagine using it not just in your Christmas greenery, but as the central theme to the Christmas tree. It takes everything to the next level!.

Here are some ways to get started adding themed Christmas ribbon in your Christmas tree.

The Role of Christmas Ribbon in Tree Decor

Christmas ribbon

Christmas ribbon is such a useful and beautiful addition to the tree for so many reasons.

One is that ribbon can be used to craft bows and other decorative elements, from the top of the tree to the bottom.

Christmas ribbon

We love picking three coordinating ribbons to place throughout the Christmas tree. Often, we choose 3-4” ribbons to layer throughout the tree, creating an outline of sorts for the rest of the Christmas tree design. It’s a wonder what a bit of colorful, themed ribbon can do.

Christmas ribbon

One way to create a cohesive and harmonious Christmas tree is by using ribbon throughout the body of the tree. This can add texture, contrast, and an overall sense of alignment with the rest of your decor. It's a great way to underscore your aesthetic, whether it's rustic, elegant, pink, or any other theme.

Christmas ribbon

One of the best ways to incorporate Christmas ribbon into the design of your tree is to do so by  matching it to one of our collections. Take a look through our themed collections and shop the ribbons in each one. Choose two or three of them that work with your theme and colors and these can be used to create color, movement, depth, texture, and more.

Types of Christmas-Themed Ribbon

Another of the great things about Christmas ribbon is the variety. This is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Far from it; there is a great deal of diversity in the types, styles, and even the sizes of the ribbon we sell.

Most of our ribbon is wired. Wired ribbons, which have two wires running along the edges of the ribbon, are easy to form because they will hold their shapes once folded. These can be worked into bows and used to create dazzling movement on your tree and in other Christmas greenery.

Christmas ribbon

We also sell a variety of Christmas ribbon made from unique materials, like velvet and satin, which will add unique color and sheen to your Christmas tree, reflecting some of the light and giving a bit more luster to the whole piece.

Christmas ribbon

Another unique category of Christmas ribbon are those made from burlap and mesh. We source the best ribbon from across the world and have a direct hand in finalizing the designs that come to us. If one of our popular Christmas ribbons have sold out, be sure to sign up for the restock notifications as we are sometimes able to reorder our favorite products. 

We also sell a huge assortment of patterned Christmas ribbon in our themed collections, with motifs ranging from holly greenery to buffalo plaid to Jacquard fabric bearing floral and musical note patterns.

Christmas ribbon

Christmas ribbon

Choose your Christmas ribbon based on material, motif, color, and overall aesthetic — and pair a few different patterns to create a balance of looks that will cultivate a whole new dimension for your Christmas tree.

Ideas for Using Ribbon on Your Christmas Tree

There are so many incredible ways you can use ribbon on your Christmas tree, and we’ve published a few of these techniques on our YouTube channel. An easy way to create harmony when selecting ribbon is to mix and match from the collections we already have organized here at Decorator’s Warehouse, as our collections are carefully curated for compatibility.

It’s also important to choose your ribbon appropriately with respect to the theme, which, again, is best done by shopping through our themed collections. Aligning the ribbons you choose with the rest of the tree’s theme is a sure-fire way to elevate the overall look and feel of your Christmas tree and your setting in general.

When using Christmas ribbon, pick one decorative fixture or element of the tree around which you want to coordinate the rest of the decorations.After you’ve done that, you can make bows and other decorative accents with Christmas ribbon.See the following video on How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree for an in-depth breakdown.

Find our Youtube channel for more detailed information on how to use Christmas ribbon when decorating your tree - there are lots of ideas there.

Christmas ribbon

How Much Ribbon Do I Need for My Christmas Tree?

If you’re going to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon (and you should!) you’ll want to make sure you start with enough.

How much ribbon you’ll need depends on what you want to do with it, and how large your tree is. If your tree is 7.5’, you’ll need 2-3 10-yard rolls to fill the body of the tree, plus an extra roll if you want to accent it.

For a 9’ tree, you’ll need 3-4 10-yard rolls, plus an extra 1-2 rolls as accents, and for a 12’ tree, you’ll need 5-6 10-yard rolls for the body, plus an extra two rolls as accents.

Of course, this is just a guideline and there are no hard or fast rules for how much you need - just remember, it’s always better to have a little more than you need than a little bit too little.

Christmas ribbon

When arranging the ribbon on your tree, keep balance in mind. You can layer and cascade the ribbon, but you will want symmetry on both sides of the tree as well as around the top and bottom; you don’t want one side to look lopsided. You can find some helpful tutorials on our YouTube channel; check out How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree, as well as How to Make a Multi Ribbon Bow.

Christmas ribbon

Explore a World of Christmas Ribbon

A festive and cohesively-themed Christmas tree, complete with ribbon, is within easy reach. All you need to do is form a vision and then bring it to life with some of the Christmas decorations and ribbons we offer here at Decorator’s Warehouse.

Take some time to get familiar with some of the techniques addressed here or covered on our YouTube channel and feel free to experiment with some of your own. If you do, take pictures and share them on your social media with #dwchristmas so we can see!

In the meantime, follow us for inspiration on Facebook and Instagram, and take a look through our Christmas ribbon collection to get some ideas of your own.