Christmas Tree Ideas and Decor Trends for 2021

Sep 2nd 2021

2020 was quite a year! We were so honored that you guys looked to us to determine the Christmas decor trends for 2020, and we are happy to carry on that role and share some fun Christmas tree ideas for 2021.

To pull the curtain back a bit, our buyers start the process about one year in advance. So while you were decking the halls last Christmas, we were already in the mode of looking to the following year! (Our designers are busy as bees, pulling together the looks for next year as you read this.)

Wish us luck as we dive into all the holiday bliss — and for now, we are excited to bring you the design trends in Christmas decor for 2021!

Christmas Tree Ideas and Decor Trends

Last year, we saw some strong new themes come to the surface with rustic, glam, and whimsical looks making their way to our hearts and our homes. This season, we're carrying on with the magic and adding some subtle changes to up the glam and add in unexpected twists — but always land in the sweet spot that marries magic with memories.

1. Emerald Green Christmas Trees

Green is ALWAYS safe at Christmas time, however, different shades come in waves. Apple green was the color for years, and while still beautiful, you are seeing more of that rich, dark emerald green. Emerald, also called holiday green, is stunning and you can pair it with complementary colors like gold, navy, and platinum — and even red!

Via Life By Leana

Here are a couple of our favorite plays on this green color. You can always use a deep velvet ribbon or some vintage-inspired honeycomb ornament.

We also are so intrigued by this unique layered ornament look, crafted with emerald, red, silver, and candy apple colors!

2. Navy Christmas Trees

Navy broke out big in 2020 with Classic Blue being the Pantone color of the year. The trend is still going STRONG this year! It is taking space in the industry as a new neutral. The beauty of navy is that it pairs with so many different colors such as platinum, gold, green, red, silver and white.

Our White Christmas Collection and Midnight Frost Bundle closely resemble last year's navy debut — but with more unique textures and more glam! Here's a peek at some of the textures we're loving in this fantastic color!

We had so much fun with our sweet collabs with some of the best home decor bloggers and saw them implement the Navy trend in unexpected and completely perfect ways! Some amazing Christmas trees are born out of being bright and unique! Try pairing navy with bright jeweled toned colors or create a cozy and warm nook with plaid, emerald, and navy. The options and Christmas tree ideas are endless with this intriguing combination!

Via Megan Martin Creative

Via Life By Leana

3. Metallic Christmas Trees

Soft muted metallics and mixed metals make for a show-stopping design! Combinations of soft gold, matte silver, and champagne create an elegant palette for your neutral modern home.

Via Just Destiny Mag

You can add natural elements to bring in a touch of winter wonderland — or take it up a notch with an austere nutcracker or pristine white Santa. We're in love with the Natural Elegance bundle this year — a flocked tree is the perfect base for this muted yet glistening package!

Glam Christmas tree with neutral decor

Look for unique ribbon patterns (like this art deco-inspired ribbon) and unique floral pairings, including the glitz versions of the magnolia flower and poinsettia!

Gold Magnolia Flower Christmas

4. Pastel Christmas Trees

While the classic gingerbread man theme is a kitchen staple for the holidays, we're loving pastels exploding with sweet shoppe treats! Think cupcakes, marshmallows and gingerbread men dressed to impress in pink, teal, and cream!

Last year, we fell in love with all things pink and turquoise! You have our permission to take the pastels out of the spring theme and add them to your heart's content throughout your kitchen, kid's rooms, and living rooms — for a totally fresh and simply stunning Christmas look.

You'll find these elements in one of our bundles, and laced through our Santa's Sweet Shoppe Collection along with our highly sought after pastel nutcracker characters.

Let's take a minute to revel in this gorgeous pastel theme by Lindsay from Live Sweet last season —

Here are some pastel inspirations to get your creativity flowing!

5. Red and White Classic Christmas Trees With a Twist

White with neutrals is all the rage when it comes to kitchens and home decor, however, there will always be traditionalists who must have a pop of red during the holidays, myself included! That’s why this combo is so fun and festive! These colors deliver the classic beauty and can merge into woodland, kitchen, and completely traditional themes that make you sing "White Christmas" all season long!

Items from our Snowberry, Peppermint and Gingerbread, and Cardinal Collections will hit the right notes with you if this classic color combo catches your eye!

Via Brooke at

Via Giggles Galore

This stunning Mrs. Claus' Kitchen look can be yours — check out our pre-made bundles for more info!


6. Neutral Woodland

With home decor trends lending towards simplicity and neutral palettes, it makes sense that neutral decor would make its way into Christmas design trends too! Whether a soft woodland look of creams and browns or metallic glam tree of ivory and gold — sticking to a neutral color scheme can give you warmth and all the feels all winter long!

A neutral color scheme creates the perfect base to add in a pop of color should you decide to add in a splash of red or another playful punch like this gorgeous theme from Holly Blain of Rustic Wild Arrow!

7. Nutcracker Christmas Trees

Take a trip to your favorite ballet every day of the Christmas season!

Red, gold, navy and emerald create a perfect pairing full of rich hues and playful prints. Add in pops of black and white like a harlequin or stripe for a traditionally fun, yet elegant look that is sure to turn heads and be on the cutting edge of trends for Christmas!

Last year, this trend made its appearance — and it looks like it’s here to stay!

This year, we have a variety of large and small Nutcracker figurines to help inspire and direct some fun festive themes! One of the most original things you can do, is take a unique Christmas Nutcracker and design the most amazing tree around his utterly irresistible accents!

We hope that with these Christmas tree ideas for inspiration, you will create something truly special for your home! The best is yet to come this year, and we're excited to see you create something memorable for your family.

Be sure to share your creations with us on social at #dwchristmas!