Vintage Decor and Inspiration for a Retro Christmas Tree

Feb 27th 2024

Oftentimes, we hold on to traditional Christmas decorations because of the sentimental value they bring. Tradition is part of the magic of Christmas and we think that is what it is all about.

At the same time, there’s something equally magical about creating your own theme from the ground up and decking out your living and gathering spaces with beautifully and harmoniously aligned decorative elements.

One increasingly popular theme is the vintage theme, and we offer plenty of vintage Christmas decorations in our collection to help you pull it off - here’s how.

Starting with the Christmas Tree…

vintage Christmas decorations

The Christmas tree is the foundation of every Christmas design and can really set the stage for the overall aesthetic you are looking to create. You can use our vintage Christmas decor to spruce up any tree you want (no pun intended) but two common themes among vintage trees are silver tinsel trees and flocked white aesthetics.

White Christmas trees create a bright, warm atmosphere that will showcase your ornaments by creating contrast.

As for silver-tone trees, they’re a throwback to the aluminum Christmas trees that were popular during the 1950s and 1960s, which consumers loved for their novel look.

But today, these things just feel like a throwback to us - and are perfect blank canvases for other vintage Christmas decor.

Of course we always defer to what makes you feel the happiest in your home! A green tree foundation is always a safe bet when it comes to Christmas decor.



If you don’t get a pre-lit tree, consider lighting yours with multi-color C9 LEDs. These are like incandescent C9s, which have an invariably vintage vibe, but they are longer lasting and much more reliable.


The smooth lights are great for vintage decor, but don’t be shy about experimenting with lights that have a faceted bulb that will reflect the light beautifully, adding twinkle and charm.

LED Umbrella Lights are also a great option if you’re looking into recreating a retro look. Actually, these are great as improved Christmas tree toppers too.


Adding Baubles and Christmas Ribbon

If you don’t have a vintage white or silver tree, you can still rock a vintage aesthetic with a classic green Christmas tree. You just need to add colorful ball ornaments, vintage Christmas ribbon, and the icing on the proverbial cake . . ., some iconic vintage ornaments.

We carry a large line of brightly colored vintage velvet and glitter-wired ribbon that take the shiny, glittery “pop” of a retro aesthetic to the next level. These can be incorporated into your vintage tree in lieu of, or as a supplement to, beads or tinsel.

Another note: You can find tinsel elements in garlands, or wreaths for your banisters, mantels, and more!

vintage Christmas decorations

The Ornaments

vintage Christmas decorations

Our Retro Brites collection of vintage Christmas decor is packed with ideas for inspiration, and the ornaments in the collection are memorable and versatile.

Bright, contrasting metallic colors are one staple of vintage Christmas decor, as are gemstone-inspired ornaments, and these are on full display in our collection. Great options include our Reflector Balls and Finials, Onion Ornaments, and Two-Toned Glass Balls, which have facets reminiscent of traditional stained glass.

vintage Christmas decorations

vintage Christmas decorations

vintage Christmas decorations

Glitter and sequin ornaments are also great additions to our overall collection of vintage Christmas decor. Check out our Glass Candy Stripe Finials, Glamour Sequin Ball Ornaments (available in multiple colors) and our 4” Multi-Color Stripe Mercury Ball Ornaments as great examples.  Our 7” Glitter Bulb ornaments (available in multiple colors) are also great with vintage Christmas decor.

vintage Christmas decorations

Filling Out with Picks

Our collection of Retro Brites vintage Christmas decor is also packed with extras for the tree that you can use to fill out the tree body and improvise toppers.

vintage Christmas decorations

Throw some of our Metallic Lightbulb Picks in the body of the tree or stagger two or three as a topper, or use LED Umbrella Lights as we mentioned above.

Around the Rest of the Room…

Remember, you can tie the entire atmosphere together with some wisely chosen accents.

In addition to our LED Umbrella Lights and Silverado Garlands already mentioned, we also offer Matte/Shiny Ball Drops and Jingle Bell Garlands (both available in a rainbow of colors) which are perfect retro replacements to conventional Christmas garlands, and can be used on banisters, balustrades, columns, mantles, and more.

vintage Christmas decorations

We also sell retro accents, like our LED Shimmer Water Candles (also available in a variety of colors) which will add pops of bright color and metallic flare throughout the rest of the scene.

vintage Christmas decorations

Your Best Christmas EVER Starts Now!

Equipped with the insight and tips contained here, you should be ready to try your hand at decorating a vintage Christmas tree, and maybe even doing a whole retro theme next year.

Take a look through our online collection of vintage Christmas decorations or plan a trip to our store where you will discover more - and make sure to share your creations with us on social media by tagging with #dwchristmas for a chance to be featured!