Trending Now: Transition your Christmas Tree Into An Easter Tree

Mar 11th 2022

Today we are hopping into Spring decor with this fanciful Easter Tree that hits all the right notes! 

Crafting an Easter Tree

A little while back, I had the after-Christmas blues when it was time to put the tree away! It just brought so much JOY into our home. But I thought about pulling together a few spring pieces and decided to transition the Christmas tree, decorating it through the seasons. When planning this design, I knew that I wanted something colorful yet sophisticated, and landed on a palette of blush, blue, purple and white. It's just the right touch to bring color into our home this spring season! 

If you have followed us for any length of time, you have probably heard of our 4 step process for decorating trees... 

1.) Topper 

2.) Ribbon 

3.) Florals and Sprays 

4.) Ornaments 

This system (it's all about the layers y'all) can be adapted to any tree decor and this Easter tree is no different! 

Let's jump in and tackle the 4 steps! 

1.) Create an Easter Tree Topper

The topper is created by inserting individual sprays at the top and running their stems along the pole.This creates a polished, designer look. For this tree, I used around 10 sprays at the top, but you can adjust this to your desired fullness. Look for a variety of sprays in several different textures and use florals to cap the base of the topper and transition into the body of the tree. 

2.) Weave Ribbon Throughout The Easter Tree

The trick to working with ribbon is moving in series of loops and tails — and to cut the ribbon after every couple of loops. Cutting the ribbon gives you control and allows your ribbon to go where you want it to go. It is also important to choose a quality wired ribbon that will hold its shape and can be used year after year. For this design I went with a preppy burlap gingham print ribbon that paired perfect with the colors in this design. 

3.) Fill in Spaces with Florals and Sprays

This is the layer where everything starts to come together. If you do not use sprays in your tree yet, just do it! You will thank me later! Sprays add so much in terms of texture and dimension. The key here is to choose a variety of textures and colors and work in odd numbers. I used 7 pieces of each floral and spray in this Easter Christmas tree design. This lavender spray was just the right filler to provide the texture I was looking for. 

4.) Place Ornaments

In this particular design I did not have any other Easter ornaments for the tree, other that the lanterns. In Christmas design, ornaments go last so that you can see where your holes are and fill them in. For larger items-like the lanterns-you may actually choose to place them first so that you can work the other elements of your design around them. 

This Easter tree sets the perfect tone for all our family holiday gatherings. I also love to pull the design of the tree into the tablescape, creating a cohesive look that carries throughout the kitchen. My family has an Easter tradition called the Bunny Brunch and this tree provides a great backdrop for making memories. 

Wood and Metal Wheelbarrow Decor

Happy Easter Bunny Decor

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