Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas with 4 Simple Steps!

Sep 8th 2021

Whether you're starting with a new tree or are revamping your existing one, some simple Christmas tree decoration ideas can help you fill your home with warmth, nostalgia, fun, or elegance. Whatever style your taste leans to, this system can help you focus on what you need to create a uniquely beautiful look for the upcoming holiday season!

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Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for You

At Decorator’s Warehouse, we know that Christmas tree decorating can feel quite overwhelming when you are staring at a blank tree, but it doesn’t have to be! 

That is why we have penned a very simple 4-step process to layering Christmas decorations that can help anyone, from the most novice decorator to the skilled professional.

See the image at the end of the post for estimates on all you'll need to create the perfect look! Our system is all about layering items to achieve a full look with minimal frustration for you at home.

Christmas Tree Topper

Our store is known for our big tree toppers! We absolutely love a full look. You can get this look by choosing picks in a variety of textures which can include flowers and sprays — look for pieces that have some height and variance. 

We use 5 styles of picks in our toppers and 6-7 pieces per style (12 pieces per style if you are decorating a 12’ tree). These are inserted one at a time by running the stem along the pole of the tree and bending the limbs out.

Decorator's Warehouse Glam Christmas Tree

If you choose to take a more simplistic route, you can create a beautiful polished topper by simply incorporating floral clusters into your tree design at the top! 

Floral clusters are small bundles that consist of 2 florals and 2 sprays. Simply use two of the clusters at the top for your 7.5’ tree, 3 for a 9’ or 5 for 12’ tree.

Christmas Tree Topper Inspiration


Ribbon can elevate your design to the next tier! We find that this can be the most intimidating step, but also the most impactful! 

Find two wired ribbons that complement each other to weave through the body and choose an accent ribbon to place in specific focal points by creating loops or bows. Choose a solid or textured ribbon for the base and a fun pattern for the top. You may want to choose the ribbon first as it is such a great jumping off point for your whole design!

Gold Christmas Tree Ribbon

Designer Note: Set aside your smaller accent ribbon until the end of the decorating process. You’ll use this as the last filler to add that final touch!

Florals and Sprays

This is the layer where the design really starts to take shape! We have found creating floral clusters is a great way to take up large sections of the tree. 

Create a cluster by choosing two flowers and 2 sprays (we recommend one leafy spray and one berry). Lay the sprays on bottom and the florals on top, angling the heads up. Then wrap one of the stems around the remaining stems. When inserted as a cluster, you create a really cohesive designer look. 

Add both floral clusters and individual flower stems in the tune of one per style, per foot of tree. Now choose a variety of different filler sprays. These will be inserted individually to fill in any holes. If you want a fuller look, add a dozen of each of your florals and filler sprays. 

If you want to see more green on your tree, choose one per style, per foot of tree.

Christmas Tree Floral Stems

Designer Note: Creating floral clusters makes decorating so simple! When you pull the decorations out each year, you’ll have your accents ready to go.


Ornaments are the icing on the cake! 

Choose a handful of ball ornament styles in varying sizes and textures. Larger ball ornaments are inserted deeper into the branches to help conceal any pole that may be visible.They also make a great foundation to showcase any more specialized ornaments or those that have been collected over the years! 

Hang your specialty ornaments closer to the outside of the branches so they really take center stage in your design.

Christmas Ball Ornament Inspiration

Designer Note: When you’re adding in specialty ornaments, wrap the string around the branch a few times to put it to the height placement you prefer.

We hope that these Christmas tree decoration ideas help to inspire you and give you what you need to put your Christmas tree bundle or your own Christmas tree design together in an easy and simple way! For more ideas and inspiration, follow us on PinterestFacebook, and Instagram!

Christmas Tree Decoration Inspiration